Thursday, December 17, 2009


My shop is open again!!! So far I only have stamps for sale, but after the holidays i hope to get back into the creative spirit. One project I have in mind.....rings?!?

Enjoy! ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm very pleased to report that I have ideas for gifts, I just have to put forth the efforts to make/buy them. The mall is so freaking hecktic, that I don't really ever feel like going. Maybe I could get a certain someone to help out? I am definately ready for this year to be over. WHEW!

School is also wrapping up. I'm just waiting until I can finally relax. Right now I should be typing out my critiques....and I still have a lantern to create for Thursday's final. All my tests are over though and I'm glad I don't have to cram anymore.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy birthday, Cindy!

Yesterday was the lovely Cindy's birthday. She's crazy talented and I miss her a lot.

Lately I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with my best friend, Katie. She's here on leave. Last night was the first night in I can't remember how long, that I've been able to spend time out with a girl friend. It's nice to have someone who won't flake out on me.

I'm also trying to get motivated to create some things for m Etsy shop. I'm trying, but the juices won't flow. Whenever I have some free time, I just want to sleep or relax, burn cds to iTunes, drink coffee, or watch some t.v. or movies.

Speaking of....

I am SO EXCITED!!!! My mom and I have plans to see it. She's a real trooper. She hasn't read any of the books, but she still goes just for me. I've finally finished the books, last week.

I need to find some food......leftovers. Either Pasta Milano or the Flying Saucer Quesadillas. Plus, I picked up a shift today. I need as many hours as I can get!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've decided to share some things that I've adoring as of late:

1.Smiles! :):):):):)

2.Sunflowers (fields=<3)

3.The BLACK iPhone 3G S


5. This fun quote:

Rough road...

I can't believe it's been months since my last post. I've been keeping busy, that's for sure, and trying to deal with things that have since been over my head. Life seems so stressful at times and it's taking all I have in me to try and keep things straight. That's all I can say of the matter.

Hopefully things will start looking up very soon. *Fingers crossed* The prospect for any mini vacations, though [something I've had my hopes up for], seems out of the question.

Tomorrow I have plans to meet with the University of Memphis to show them my portfolio and then try and get some classes set up. I'm planning on abandoning Southwest and moving on to bigger and better things. Possibly night classes, though?!?!

Some other interesting news? I'm supposed to be getting an iPhone [white], however, hte white ones seem to be the most popular, so the shipping of mine has been delayed. I don't know until when, but it's REALLY frustrating! >:(

I need a beach. I'm contemplating very hard whether or not I should get some sand, dump it at my feet, get a bucket of water [adding salt, of course], and slashing around a bit in it all. So depressing.....

I'm not ready for summer to be halfway over. I really don't mind the heat so much, considering it has helped me to get a tan. UVA/UVB! :)

I need to reopen my Etsy. Anyone interested in destash?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick update....

My birthday was Sunday and all weekend I made plans. Friday was reserved for a lunch with my girls. We went to Macaroni Grill and then to Starbucks to meet up with another one of my friends who couldn't make it to lunch.

Saturday I worked and then headed to Alien Ink to get my navel pierced. It stung and I started wondering why I waited so long to do it. So far, it just hurts from the bruising and I keep getting it caught on my shirt and pulling it a little. Just enough to hurt really bad.

Sunday I hung out with David. He got back Saturday night from a trip to a BMW show in Atlanta. We saw I Love You, Man and dressed up. He got me flowers, then took me to BOOYA'S [one of my FAVORITE places ever that I haven't been to since their relocation].

My mom made me THE BEST birthday donut cake, EVER before I left...with one candle on top [thank God!]

David and I went out last night with a few of his friends. The place was surprisingly nice, for a bar.
Not sure what's going on today, but I'm looking forward to Saturday and [possibly] going to the zoo. :):)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First off...


I've decided to update my Etsy shop. I'm in the process of collecting [which I've been doing for years] product to use in making marvelous keepsakes.

I have a few summer things up my sleeve. I'm so excited. I need the extra cash, although I'm not sure I'll start "cashing" in right away. I really just love getting my ideas out there. It gives me something to do. Lol....

I've been inspired, actually. The *new* K & Company "Citronella" line came in and all I've been thinking about it making multiple summer mini albums. I'll have them posted A.S.A.P. I'm just now starting on them.

Keep in mind I haven't touched the "organization project/room renovation" in well over a month. :(
Creating just seems more fun.

Plus, I'm so happy and the sun is making me want to DO SOMETHING!!!! Lol...
AAHHHHHH!!! I'm so excited. I hope everyone likes what comes out of it. :):):):)

I still have a little "something" that I plan on making someone special and close to my heart.....
Tomorrow's David and my 1yr/1mo. Not that I'm counting or anything.....just saying. ;)

Here's a preview of the summer albums [all should be the same, pretty much]:

Upstairs to get some coasters! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Break!!!

A much needed break from school. I've been feeling rather lethargic when it comes to my work. I have three midterms due the week I return and one of which is baffling me. I'm not sure what to do for it and another is just piecing together an image from a .jpg file. I've completed one and I'm very happy with the results.

I just don't really feel like dragging myself to school over break to complete them, although it's already been done once.

I have a busy week already. I have scheduled an oil change and haircut for today, a doctor's appointment for Wednesday, and a dental appointment for Thursday. Plus, tanning all week and seeing David as much as I possibly can [which is a relief].

I'm VERY exited to be tanning again. I'm seriously looking transparent. It's disgusting. Wish I had some Italian in me. At least then I'd have a little color, year-round.


I'm thinking this one. I like the layers around the face, HOWEVER, I'm not going to get my hair cut in chunks like the lighter part of her hair. That's stupid.

Other contestants....
....of course!

Okay...time to get ready.

Monday, February 16, 2009

If the crown fits....

I have to admit it. I'm crazy spoiled!

Yesterday I sent my mom a text to tell her I was having a no-good very-bad day. So, she asked what she could do to make it better, and well, I said if she was in the area, she could come see me. She mentioned taking down wallpaper at the house and cleaning stalls later on, so I sent her a few frowny faces.

Next thing I know I get a text saying that she could make my day better by bringing me coffee. I look up, and she's pulling into a parking spot at work. :):):):)

With Starbucks. Venti.
[Caramel Machiatto]

A $25 GC for FUTURE bad days [that I hope not to have, but I'll use the card!]

What a wonderful Mommy.

Not to mention she bought me lunch at Panera bread today AND AND AND a wall-mount storage unit for my room.

On top of all the other wonderfully crazy things she does for me too. I'm a super lucky girl with the best mommy in the whole wide world!!!!

ANd the best boyfriend in the whole wide world, too. He buys me pretty flowers and cards and says cute stuff and opens my eyes to new things.

Like hippie concerts.
Old Crow Medicine Show.

They were surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting to have a good time.
The Felice Brothers were great too. Lol...
I'm putting my foot in my mouth for all of this. :(

Hippies were dancing in front of me with their dreads and nasty clothes. BLECK!!

It was fun.
I love my life!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

I'm so happy. I wish everyone a very happy, safe, and wonderful Valentine's Day. :)


Friday, February 13, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Oh I'm so excited....I literally can't wait. I'm cooking a fancy-schmancy Valentine's dinner for David and I, and I'm on the fence over beer and wine [he'd drink the beer, NOT me!] or trying to somehow manage to get the recipe off the Today Show that I saw this morning. I've already tried to navigate their site with no luck. :(

On top of this, I have to go shopping for additional goods. ;)
That all AND attempt to get an oil change tomorrow? We'll see. Maybe "The Tank" can hold out another week. I hope. .....or I might just have to break down and get David to do it, and YES, he charges.


Something good from yesterday....

This is love. The non-mushy-gushy kind. :)


I made this for David.
The inside had a box beside "Yes" and a box beside "No".
He checked "Yes".


I have a date for tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stress... :(

I'm so jealous.

I have all these ideas in my head and absolutely NO TIME to execute them. I have all these plans for my Etsy shop, I want to open my own boutique and fill it with bright colors and all things arty, I want to create more projects, I want to be an instructor and dabble in creating my own things and showing others how, I want to be just like Elsie.

It just seems like she's got everything going for her. (She's seriously EVERYTHING I wish I could be. Her style is a mirror-image of what is in my head.) I am so incredibly jealous and I want something like that for ME!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

How embarrassing!

I caught myself reminiscing about something from almost a year ago. It brought a smirk to my face. At the time, however, it wasn't so funny.

David and I were "dating" [that time before the gf/bf thing] and I was at Memphis. We had a date to meet for coffee before my second class. I had gaps between my classes then too. I was so excited to see him.

I got my coffee [I don't think he got anything] and we sat down. We were talking [still nervous and getting to know each other]. I remember how cute he was then too. :)

Well, he decided to try and sample my drink [hold the "Eww!'s"], but happened to knock it over instead. ALL. OVER. ME. Keep in mind I still had classes afterwards. Well, bless his heart, he got up and got me napkins. I couldn't move. The coffee was leaking underneath the seat I was sitting in and onto my butt. I was mortified that I would have to be seen with "wet-pants". The people around us already knew what had happened and kind of minded their own business, with slight giggles. It wouldn't have been as bad if I still carried extra clothes in the car and if there hadn't been a banquet going on only a few feet from us.

Poor David. I think he might have thought that I wouldn't want to ever see him again after that! I kinda hinted that I was pissed.....not as subtly as I'd like to have. I asked him to find me the nearest bathroom--QUICK!

I went the rest of the day smelling like a huge pot of coffee. There could be worse things. Thankfully, there wasn't too much staining on my pants [everything came out in the wash].

Thus the story of my introduction of David to my coworkers and mom. I haven't let him live it down. I happen to think it was :)

Any embarrassing stories you'd like to share?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*Sadface* :(:(:(:(:(:(

I don't know what it is lately, but I've been really depressed. I know a few things that have caused it, but overall, it's like I can't get my mind off of them.

It might have alot to do with the weather, but it's been going on for a while. I just want bright sun-shiney days, warm weather, and my creativity to spark.

I wish I could do more with David. These days it just seems like we're confined to dinners and indoors. There's not much to do around here, anyways.

School, doesn't really help either, but I'm figuring that I might just have one more semester [including one course over the summer--if it's allowed].

Some good news, my best friend from England from my British school, Cara, found me on Facebook. She's going by Rose now [her middle name]. It's really just now dawning on me how neat the site really is. I haven't seen or spoken to her in well over 12 years.
She still looks the same.

[I'm fiddling....]

I'm ready for a vacation, warmth, and more time to spend with David.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009




I'm pretty sure I'm going to be ABSOLUTELY miserable this semester. My schedule at school is depressing. I have Monday's 5 1/2 hour gap between my TWO classes for the day......then Tuesday's [today] strategically laid out positioning consisting of a 1 hour and 20 minute gap between classes one and two and the 2 hour and 20 minutes between classes two and three.

Wednesday, I come up here for ONE class [10:50-12:50].

Thursday's back to that same hour and 20 minute empty void between the one and two.

I seriously need a way to manage the gaps. Hopefully, once classes pick up, I'll have projects to do and that will occupy my time. David will be here on Monday's and Wednesday's, but that's it. I have to be jealous of him staying at home Tuesday's and Thursday's [with the exception of one class he has 8 minutes from his house at another campus location]. This sucks.

Thankfully, it snowed a little on the way here [I'm sitting in an empty classroom right now]. I love snow. I especially love watching it fall. I DO NOT, however, enjoy cold weather. Thus, I'd rather be indoors sipping hot chocolate watching the [hopefully] mounding snow, anxious for campus closings.

We'll probably get that blizzard on a Friday and it'll be a total waste.

I'm so ready to graduate ["again"] and move on back to the U of M.

On a lighter note, since I'm ranting. I'm still hopeful that one day things will look up [financially]. Here's praying I get a call.

Still need to clean my room.....
1.5 hours.


Friday, January 16, 2009

And the winner is.....

[Thank you, Shelly for drawing....]

I'll start designing soon. I'll try to get them to you before school gets hectic. Let me know if you have any ideas already in mind, or if you'd like me to surprise you.

School's officially begun. I went to my first two [of five] classes yesterday....for the syllabi.

I'm kinda nervous about how everything will pan out, what with school and working and trying to maintain time to spend with David, family, and friends. I'm hoping our relationship doesn't suffer. I know he's a great guy, but not being able to see each other is going to be hard on us.

I've gotten back into th habit of cleaning again. Trust me when I tell you it's been a long time coming. I'm an addict for artistic supplies, scrapbooking ANYTHING, and a natural pack-rat. I keep just about anythiong you could imagine. Thankfully, nothing but my suitcase is under the bed. organizing all my scrapbooking supplies and ephermera is KILLING me. It's what's taking the longest and making me look at the giant heap and just saying "No." I usually end the night defeated.

THANKFULLY, on a good note, I've been attempting to drink one bottle/glass of water a day. I've succeeded for about a week now. I know, it's only a bottle, but still, it's a milestone for me.

I need to start working out and tanning again. It's only now occuring to me that my matabolism is starting to catch up with me. It really does show.
As for tanning, I look better with a little extra help.

I'm awaiting Valentine's. I'm super stoked to surprise Dave somehow. Plus, our one year's approaching too. I'm anxious. I have to figure out something cool without him figuring it out. Even if I did, he reads this [occasionally], so it's best to keep it hush-hush.

I hate my room. :(

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm feeling rather generous....

My New Year's Resolution is obvious, trying to become organized. I've been inspired by a few cool Etsy shops.

"Against the Grain" [cool wooden lightswitch covers! :)]

"Desk Diamonds" [awesome organization for your desk....and really stinkin' cute].

So this brings me to my topic....
What's your New Year's Resolution?

Hopefully, to get some responses, I'll offer this.....
At the end of your post, challenge me to create something [i.e. mini book, tag, painting....whatever]. If you're chosen, not only will I post the product I create, but I'll GIVE IT TO YOU!!!!! I'll post a winner next week.

Woo-hoo! Happy New Year!!!!! :):):)

P.S. I might take me a little while, so bare with me.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!! [!]

I can't believe that it's already a new year. It's crazy.

I also cannot tell you how influential this one man has been in my life. He's put up with alot, and I can only pray that he'll see me through everything. He's incredible. He is the only person who can deal with my mood swings and confusion. When I don't know what to do, he's there to help me find a solution. I love you with all of my heart. I will never let you go.


This is me today.

I'm undergoing a MAJOR room makeover. Trying to turn this:

into a art/exercise/yoga nook. I'm not sure just yet, except that it will be CLEARED!!!

It's crazy....

OH! David bought two new ciclids for the tank at the house he shares with two roomates. Mike [his -male- best friend and roomie] killed a few by messing with the water and....yeah. Meet Bandit

and Midnight.

Bandit is "mine". I told David I liked him and he should get him, and what does a great boyfriend do? Well, he opted for my precious blue over a yellow and black striped one. I was shocked! Seriously, because he wanted the yellow and black one. I told him I'd buy it for him......I have yet to follow through. =X

I need to get back to cleaning. It's taking me a while....I'll post pics of my *NEW* room when I'm done. Then I'll have to decide on colors to paint. I'm so excited. :):)

P.S. David cheered me up the other day with these.

I was kinda mad at him. They helped....A LOT! He said he hadn't bought me flowers in a while because he was waiting on tulips. Ugh...I can't be mad at that. Grrr...

P.P.S. Here's some teasers of the "things I was making". They turned out to be for my lovely friend, Michelle.

P.P.P.S. PLEASE, someone buy me this!!!!