Friday, February 13, 2009

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Oh I'm so excited....I literally can't wait. I'm cooking a fancy-schmancy Valentine's dinner for David and I, and I'm on the fence over beer and wine [he'd drink the beer, NOT me!] or trying to somehow manage to get the recipe off the Today Show that I saw this morning. I've already tried to navigate their site with no luck. :(

On top of this, I have to go shopping for additional goods. ;)
That all AND attempt to get an oil change tomorrow? We'll see. Maybe "The Tank" can hold out another week. I hope. .....or I might just have to break down and get David to do it, and YES, he charges.


Something good from yesterday....

This is love. The non-mushy-gushy kind. :)


I made this for David.
The inside had a box beside "Yes" and a box beside "No".
He checked "Yes".


I have a date for tomorrow!!!!

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