Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's a DOUBLE date!


the double d. ;)

technically, the ben and jerry thing was today and the made of honor will be tomorrow. david and i got free passes to go to see it at the paradiso tomorrow night.....uhh....early?!?!

i'm so excited. i'm going to meet up with one of the girls in my marriage and the family class to study on campus, then i'll go see david and we MAY just go to the park and have a picnic. wouldn't that be lovely? not sure what tomorrow brings, just hope it's GOOD WEATHER!!!! ;)


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


What an interestingly boring day. School brought NOTHING new, just reviews for the upcoming tests, err...EXAMS! I can't wait for this installment to be OVER with! I'm completely exhausted. I'm ready for tanning, working, hanging out with folks, and BACK to schooling [summer school].

It seems that with the rise of gas, comes terrible consequences. I have summer school on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays. All at the main U of M campus. I'm going to be so screwed. Good thing is, they aren't early morning classes, so I'll beat rush hour...and also, it leaves gaps for David and I to see each other, but not enough for a good shift at E. I'll have to push back my availability to Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Hopefully, I can have a set schedule over the summer, where I'll be working all three days. I need it....BADLY!
Money will be tight[er] and more than likely be put towards gas and gas alone. I'm terrified about what MORE I could possibly do to try and get myself out of the poverty level. Living paycheck to paycheck just doesn't cut it anymore. I'm going to start paying bills and hopefully one day move out and get a new [CUTE] car. All this will cost me, and if I'm pushing it now, what happens when I cut back my availability and gas is on the rise?

I can't get another job, because I don't have the time, patience, or energy for it. School and Eclectica is all I need on my mind. I just need a solution.

I also need to stop with the tabs. Under $15. NO more!
This is getting ridiculous. I can't afford this, plus Michelle's group, plus gas, plus BARELY having enough for food for work or a Starbucks every now and then. UGH! All this is making my head hurt....

I have a final tomorrow. I'm not really ready, but it's easy. I'll review tomorrow morning, WITH COFFEE [I haven't had coffee in about 4 days]!!!

I need to relax. You know, I haven't even had time to START reading the "not-so new" Harry Potter. Wow...that hurts to admit.

Maybe I'll do the garage sale and get some "money" [i.e. giftcard] so I can start saving and plus, I'll get rid of some of my stash...I'm growing bored anyway.

AHHHH.....hooray for complaining. I feel a little better now. *WHEW!*
I think I just need to sleep. :(


Monday, April 14, 2008


Mrs. Michelle has tagged me! Enjoy...

Four Jobs I've Held:
1. Eclectica Scrapbooks & Stamps [Sales Associate]
2. The Orpheum Theatre [Wardrobe-dresser for the actors/actresses & behind-the-scenes]
3. Express for Men [Wolfchase Galleria, before it went duel-gender, Sales Associate]
4. Rack Room Shoes [Sales Associate]

Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Ever After
2. The Girl Next Door
3. Finding Nemo
4. Fight Club

Four Places I've Lived:
1. Memphis [Atoka], TN
2. Eastcote, England
3. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
4. Newport, Rhode Island

Four TV shows I like:
1. The O.C.
2. Family Guy
3. Futurama
4. Color Splash

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
1. Me
2. Muses
3. Scrapbooking sites
4. Delia's/Alloy/Charlotte Russe/etc.

Four Favorite Foods:
1. Applesauce
2. Pizza
3. Macaroni and cheese
4. Chicken

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Florida
2. With Daveybooty
3. Sleeping
4. Shopping....with money!

Four People I'm Tagging:
1. Cindy
2. Marcy
3. Roxi
4. Candice

...have fun!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm really digging the song from Brett Dennen called "Ain't No Reason". You might have seen it on Jay Leno the other night. I didn't like it that much then, but I couldn't change the channel or take my eyes off the screen.

I have a makeup test tomorrow. I failed [along with all but 12 students in all his classes] with a 38! YIKES!!!!
I'm going to have my work cut out for me. I've NEVER been good at standardized tests, or tests in general. I don't freak's just I can't do them. I can study for hours or not even study at all or anywhere in between, and the results are ALWAYS the same. I win some, I lose some.

Speaking of, the first paper I wrote and BS'ed in my history class I recieved a 95 on, and the second that I thought I NAILED.....a freaking 78.

I just can't wait to get this semester over with and breathe. I think the stress just got to me from having to switch schools and adjust. I was really hoping for Dean's List my first semester at Memphis, and I'm still hoping, but....we'll see.

I need to just get away and relax. Somewhere OUT of Memphis. Florida was JUST in my grasp, yet, I HAVE NO MONEY...
I needed to be saving up for QUITE some time. I don't see me leaving this area for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

Uhh...I need to go to bed. Typing late at night usually doesn't do me much good. I end up posting about things that I shouldn't or whatever.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008



Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm 21.

It's nice. I can now go out and get a drink and feel super grown up.....and spend a fortune! Ugh! Drinks cost more than a meal.

On the 5th, David ended up FINALLY meeting my parents. I think my mom and dad were impressed. SURPRISE! He brought me MORE daffodils! I freaking bunch too! I swear, probably 21, with some having 2 on 1. :)

My dad "grilled" him a little, which was okay. Then, Justin, Tiffany, David, and I all headed to Memphis to the Fox and Hound to TRY to watch the Memphis game. It was packed out, so David just suggested we all go back to his place to watch it, and with only a few minutes into it, we made it.

Free drinks for the gang [not me, surprise!] and a seat. I did have a sip of Yager. UGH!!! Never again.

Then we all headed back out to Memphis [Justin and Tiffany went to Bennigans; David and I went to Clark Tower].

The Tower Room is AMAZING! I highly recommend it. I had a glass of White Zinfendel and pasta.

The night was great. I didn't get drunk or anything, and that's EXACTLY how I wanted it. I have NO desire to drink that much.....ever. Ugh!

Yesterday, I met up with my best friends, Megan and Cassandra, and Greg [Megan's boyfriend] and David at Chili's in Millington. Megan and I got pina colada's. YUM!

That's about it. I'm happy.
I can start hanging out with my brother and Tiffany more. I feel more grown up, but at the same time, I don't feel like anything's changed.

I have pics to scrap now though. :)

Friday, April 4, 2008


So I've JUST recieved a HUGE gift from my most FAVORITEST Californian.

Let's just say....I'll be busy discovering what to do with all these goodies!!!
Fabric, notepads, felt, tickets, music sheets.....Cindy, you're TEH best. Yes, T-E-H!

I'm going to use some on pages and make some puffy cupcakes out of them! Cindy, the fabrics are absolutely STUNNING!!! I esp. love the black and pink stripe. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! <3333333*

I'm so excited, I'm not even tired. :)
I'll try to post something from tomorrow. Gotta remember to take CLASSY pics. Me in my dress.

And don't forget: GO TIGERS GO!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I got to see my beloved today, and wouldn't you know, he surprised me with....

Oooh...yeah! He's a keeper.

Not only that, but I also stumbled upon a pretty unique blog [that I've added to the sidebar, as well] that has EVERYTHING to do with cupcakes! YUMMM!!! It's link?
How to Eat a Cupcake

I'm going to try the Napoleon cupcakes [January 23rd post]. They look SUPER scrumptious! MMMM..

SIDENOTE: Sorry the above picture has such crappy quality. I can only really load my camera photos and for some reason they always turn out hideous. Lighting is wrong too. I was in a rush. Whoops! =/

I have SOOO much to do tomorrow.
1. Go to the DMV to get my license renewed.
2. Go to the Naval Base to get my military id renewed.
3. Pick up my BEAUTIFUL dress and try it on, making sure it fits. *fingers crossed* lol..

4. WORK! Where I get my goodies from Michelle<3!

I'm going to seriously CRASH tomorrow night.
Btw, I've abandoned hope in cleaning my room. I'm to the point that I just want to fold up ALL my laundry and put it away. *Shock*

BAD NEWS FOR BIRTHDAY!!!!! My boys are playing when my dinner will be served! :'(
I'll figure something out.

Better get to folding.... :(