Thursday, May 31, 2007

Much to do...

So, I found this:

I thought it was cute. Too bad I don't have a 12x12 printer, then again, that could be bad news, since I print A LOT anyways.

I'm really bummed because I can't go to the Art Star bazaar that's held anually in PA. I'm hoping that next year I'll get to go. Any excuse to travel back to the City of Brotherly Love.

Let's see.....
I have a class, again, tonight. This time it's Ruth's Flourish and Swirls class. I'm exited to see what she's come up with [although, I kinda got a sneak peek last night]. Ruth's a wonderful instructor, although I personally haven't taken any classes with her [it would be kinda hard to, seeing as she's not been teaching since I've worked there].

I've observed how she handles private, very beginner classes and how she shows everyone the products and takes her time, so I know this'll be a great class, too. I figured that if it's anything like Oodles of Doodles, I'll need to be present to get the actual "feel" for things.
I'll more than likely be posting the products I make tonight. Speaking of....I need to finish my Hambly book. Gosh, I'm such a klutz. I've totally forgotten that I still have other projects to do. This early morning school confusion business is driving me batty. I need the weekend!!!!

I have ONE charm to finish, then Diamond Glaze the charms and off they go to Ronnie.

I think I'm going to go finish the one charm before I have to leave to go to school, otherwise, I'm going to have to bring it with and try to finish it either before or after my shift at work.

We'll see....

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Getting creative

As promised, the pictures to the "secret project" that I was constructing:

I put the finishing touches on it this morning, and although some pictures make the pages look blue, it's actually purple. It's a mini photo album/scrapbook to put those itty bitty photos in. I think it turned out great. It was a fun 2 hour project, with little of it actually planned out.

The rest of my morning has consisted on working on my charms for the charm swap. I have to get them mailed, sometime. but i have to get ahold of a 3/4" circle punch. I'm hoping that Mrs. Chris, my mom's best friend has one, because my mom sure doesn't.

I thought about starting on the travel journal [like I go ANYWHERE...pshhh!] that I bought all the coordinating papers for. After school on Tuesday, I'm going to see if Eclectica has a frame diecut. I haven't look to see if we have....*sigh*

I have a few things planned out, so....we'll see how long I can keep my creativity flowing. I like actually coming up with stuff. This is why it's good to have a few days off! :)

I need to get ready to leave. I'm hanging out with one of my friends today whom I haven't see in awhile. I hope we can find more to do than just go to see a movie [Distubia]. I sure do hope so, but Bartlett isn't promising.

Take care!

Aaron Kraten <3

Inspiring art from Aaron Kraten, compliments of the West Coast:

I was sure surprised to find this while at the mall!!! ....and guess what?? ITS ALL MINE!!!!! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007


I finally finished my "secret assignment". I like it.... too bad I'm giving it away. That's okay, I'll take pictures of it and post later.

I've taken heart in some of the things on the Fred Flare site. Too many cute, cute things. Brad got me a few things from there a while back and I've been hooked ever since.

oooohh....I went shopping yesterday at HL and Michael's.
Here's a list of the goods:

The *NEW* Fiskars paper trimmer I've been dying to get ahold of.
Two hole punches for brads and eyelets.
[I would have gotten 4 Dotto refills and a package of each glue dots, but apparently only 3L adhesives were on sale....bummer!]

A clearanced package of Once Upon A Time chipboard shapes
A small storage unit [for brads, eyelets, and other trinkets of the sort]
Some clearanced stickers
Some dollar ribbon
[Almost walked out with some fibers, but I decided I'd wait. I don't use them enough anyways, but it's always nice to have them handy in different colors for tag swaps and whatnot.]

I'm very excited. I'm starting to fill up my bag that my mom bought me for Christmas [GREEN!]. I need some adhesives, a *new* pair of scissors [the GREEN ones, go figure], and a few extra doodads [brads, eyelets, inks, yahdah yahdah] to fill it up completely. I've also been looking at some books to add to my collection. Elsie's book and the Oodles of Doodles one, as well. There's more, but I can't think right now.

Mom and I are off to see the Pirates 3. Hooray!!!
Should be lots of fun.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oodles of Doodles!!!

Wow!! This class was actually a sigh of fresh relief. After an eight hour shift, I just wanted to get away from the store [something to do with the constant 8-ers and anti-traffic flow, with a side of nothing to do], but I'm glad that I stayed. Chelsea did a SPECTACULAR job. She said she was nervous, but I don't know why. Maybe because Rhonda and I were sit-ins and also since she hasn't taught there?? Hmm...

Pictures?? Why certainly!

Just a *few* highlights...
  • Liz Butler
  • Rhonda Feiler
  • Megan Rublaitus

That's all I can say about that. We tried to give her [Chelsea] such a hard time, but she saw right through us. Oh well...
Like I said, the class was a hit and a joyful end to my otherwise treacherous day. Tomorrow, working yet another 8-hour shift [1-9].

On a lighter note, I'm really looking forward to what Elsie Flannigan has in store with her *new* line. Her work is absolutely amazing. Isn't it crazy how I want my artwork to look like hers and yet, I want to get into the altered arts?? Maybe a mix and mingle of the two?? We'll see. I have to have time for that. I'm floored by her designs and layouts, as well as the works of other wonderfully talented ladies [*ahem* Roxi, Candice, and Marci *ahem*]....

Someday I'll get back into the swing of things. For now, I think I'll just stick to collecting and working. What fun...

Something borrowed...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

2 down...

I have, yet another project out of the way [temporarily]. I've put together Cindy's April Kit and I have Candice's Color Explosion book out of the way [minus the cover...I need flowers and a pretty flourish stamp to emboss on the front!!!]. I'm so happy that I've put aside some things to make room for my art again. I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something. Here's some of the photos from the last past few projects:

Cindy's April Kit Cover
The rest is the same as the instrustions. I follow the rules.... :(
From Paper Crafts Challenges with Roxi:
All the goodies I made. I know it's dark, I was in a bit of a rush to snap the picture.
A close-up of my favorite piece-a transparent angel....on wood. =/

That's all I have for now. I'm so excited about the next Paper Crafts and I have NO CLUE what we'll be doing this time. I know I have to get to work on my "homework" though!

Tomorrow night, working from 1-9 and then Chelsea's Oodles of Doodles class. Possibly more pics? We'll see.....


Well, I've done it. I've finally pushed myself to actually finish something........IN ONE NIGHT!!! I had a kit from Candice's class [Color Explosion] and couldn't really do much with it, since there were no instructions nor photographs to compliment the kit, so there I was, all alone and scared and trembling. Slowly awaiting my instructions. Then, along came the book, and I kinda, might have snatched it up to view it's contents.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much else. Placing an order with Michelle through TAC[The Angel Company] and trying to decide how best to administer my money. I've developed a plan. I'll only be ordering 2 sets this round and 4 next. The stamps that I'm wanting are either retiring or, they're a stamp of the month. Golly, I love getting stuff. Now, all I need to do is actually USE all of it! ;)

I'm currently in the midst of creating something [kind of like a RAC-Random Act of Kindness] for someone.....for no particular reason. Although, I have screwed up a few times and I want to make this person happy. So yeah...

I'm hoping that I'll finish Cindy's April kit by this weekend and then start working on this mystery project. I need to get my work published on here. First thing's first, I need to take some pictures of the stuff that I made in Roxi's class, then the Wedding Anniversary album, then Brad's album, then my finished work. I'm not sure if I'll post anything that is actually from a class, unless it was a "self-teach" class, and I had to take the ideas home to play with [think, Marci's Hambly class--BTW, LOVED IT!!!!].

I'm actually super stoked about this upcoming Paper Crafts Challenges. I need to get to work on my homework or I'm bound to fail. Oh no!!!

Summer school starts up for me next week. Sooo not excited, but it's only one class, and I think I can make it: Foundations of Mathematics I. I took it my first semester in college and made a D, so, hence, why I NEED to take it again. My next session is a month from now and I'll be taking Elementary Spanish II. That reminds me.....I also need to start rereading my Spanish texts and refreshing my memory about the language, or I'll be up Goose Creek without it! Oh dear...
At least, it's only a month apiece, but it'll probably be an every day thing.

I need to start getting ready. I'm going to Bartlett to meet Brad and then going with him to his work [although I'll be playing at Books-A-Million] and waiting until he gets off work. We're supposed to be cleaning off his back porch, but I don't really see that happening. We'll probably go back to Bartlett and hang out, hopefully neking a pit-stop by work and Hob Lob.....maybe Micheal's, too. I want to get some of the Once Upon A Time papers from Michael's and see if they have any *new* $1 acrylic stamps. I'm off to ready myself. Doesn't seem like I'll be doing much creating, but maybe I'll have a chance tonight [I stayed up past 12 looking through the TAC catalogue and finishing up the Color Explosion book]. I need to go to bed a little earlier tonight, since I have to go in at 10 tomorrow and then, I have Chelsea's Oodles of Doodles class. Ugh...speaking of which, I wanted to get that book. Bummer. Maybe next tab? I need to quit putting so much on my tabs. This is getting ridiculous. I just want to get a few "essentials" and pick up some papers for that special project.

Up up and away..

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the charm swap

ugh... i'm still in the process of trying to come up with a reasonable idea that will work for 10 charms. since i don't know how to make jewelry, i'll have to buy all of the supplies, or better yet, print off images to use. should be fun. if only i could have someone teach me the basics of making jewelry without spending my limbs and vital organs on the black market, i'd be in business.

roxi's class was AMAZING, as always. now, if only the melting pot and all it's glorious accessories we're so expensive, i'd purchase the bundle... one day, maybe? right now, i'm trying to concentrate on getting things that i THINK i may use in the future, when i have more time, and things that just catch my eyes in general. i really wish i had all this time to create wonderful works of art, but it seems as though, with friends and family, work and school, sleep is the next thing on my list. i want to have like a week of nothing but fun and art, but it's hard to get motivated at times.....more like, ALL the time. i HAVE to have a goal and a time in mind to get me started, that's why i take so many classes. i need to get OUT of this creative FUNK that i'm in and start being happy and making worthwhile projects. i'm jealous of everyone that can find time, patience, and happiness though art, when i sit here and can't think of a darn thing.

speaking of which, i still have some projects that need to be completed. i finished two scrapbooks that i needed to complete and i need to work on candice's color explosion kit that i have [need to email her as well] and marci's hambly book. i need some good photos worthy of the book.

i'm working tonight [1-9, taking up jen's hours so that she can have time with her mom, but she'll cover my 4-9 for tonight, so i'll be closing with her....YAY!!!!!!], thus, art will be put off again. i need to start saving some money. i seem to spend SO much on my tabs and yet, where does it all go? into my storage units and into my head to work some magic, hopefully....

this is so frustrating. i have a plan, now for the charm swap. it consists of printed out "buttons" as a background, which have the image of a bumble bee and then a drop-down flower charm/bead. more than likely a bead, since the charms i'm looking for will be $24 something for 10. grrr...
i think they'll turn out to be cutsie. i'm trying to work on it, but i'll probably be procrastinating, per usual.

i have the images printed and the charms themselves, now all i need i is the flower beads and some string or sorts to hang the beads. maybe i'll change my mind and actually draw the bumble image, since these are looking kinda fuzzy.

we'll see what happens.......

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Newbie on the set!

As my first post, I figured that I'd say a few words about what I hope to bring to my blog. This is going to be a place where I place my art, if I can muster up enough energy to create in my spare time (instead of sleep) and take pictures of my works. Also, I'm going to put things that inspire me and thing that make me think.

Along with my fellow artists, I want to get better and better, one step and one day at a time.

Now, I'm off to get ready to go to my Roxi class (Paper Craft Challenges) and work....playtime will have to be postponed until later (with the exception of Mrs. Roxi's wonderful creative class which forces me to get up off my butt--sort of--and create, in a good way).

Can't wait!