Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Too much to do, so VERY little time.

I seem to have VERY bad luck with cars [if you don't know, well, then you just haven't been around]. Someday, maybe I'll have another "cheap" car. I can't afford gas in The Tank.

Christmas is RIGHT around the corner! I have a few items left to purchase, and hopefully I can get some offline and also, AVOID the mall this year. I don't want to set foot in there, especially now. Target's as close as I get, with the exception of work, and BOY is that a relief. Speaking of.....the employee party is coming up and I need to buy or make something for that, too! Only downfall, is it's on Brad's birthday and we've already made plans. Maybe I'll be able to drop him off at the bookstore or some "manly-ish" area just for a little while, so I can do the Dirty Santa exchange and eat a cookie or two. I'm not planning on staying or really even eating. Saving room for TGIFriday's! w00t!

I HAVE to get my "Christmas" card/tag/ornaments out in the mail and whatnot soon. This is the VERY first year that I've ever done anything like this on my own. I'm kinda excited to see how it goes.

Exams are in a few weeks [like TWO!] and I am SOOOOOO ready for semester's end. I'm not excited to transfer to the U of M, or really anywhere else. Southwest has kinda become comfortable for me. I'm not saying I don't want to graduate, I just wish it was a four-year institution [almost has been for me] with a Bachlor's to result, since I DON'T want to move out and go to college and the U of M is just too big. I like the comfort and convienience of the classroom size and locations.


Okay, well, on top of trying to save SOME money [NOT working AT ALL!] and pay all of my dues, I think I'm almost set for the year's end.