Monday, March 31, 2008

A little less than a week....

...and I'll be

I'm pretty excited. Rightfully so, I suppose. Mainly just because I don't have anything to look forward to after this birthday, until 65 and get social security....oh wait, that's out now! Stupid economy.

I'm so excited about going out. David and I are supposed to have a relaxing, quite night. He's taking me to Clark Tower.

All I want is some champagne and a sunset.

Mmm....see why I'm excited??


Rainbows inspire!









Sunday, March 30, 2008


Final four....HERE WE COME!!!

Memphis 85, Texas 67.

What an interesting day. Some of the ladies that came into the store didn't want to know the play-by-plays and whatnots, and Luanne and I were keeping each other updated, so we ended up just writing the score on a Viagra notepad and alerting those who wanted to know, which turned out to be mainly everyone. =/


Here are the pictures from the card and the gift card holder/book that I made for my mom:

I drew a picture of a cupcake and kitty prints on the inside of her card, walking away. It was cute.

I have SO much to do tomorrow. I have to get my dress fitted for my birthday. It's SUPER gorgeous. [pics to come!]

Since I seemed to have neglected mentioning that David brought me daffodils to work right before we closed a few nights back. It put a HUGE smile on my face. ....and yes, I DO have pics! Hehe...

AND....the store sample that I did for Eclectica:

It's simple enough to be cute. TOOT TOOT!


You can't always find what you want.....

...then sometimes it's just fun to wear mismatched socks. Keeps the spark alive!

I'm such a goob. I've had a VERY rough day. I FINALLY got my things back from Brad. We've been separated since the 14th of January. It's not like he didn't have any excuse to meet up, he just couldn't be bothered. He didn't have everything that he owed me, but at least the materialistic things were returned.

UGH! Drama. He had to bring a girl with him, too. What an idiot. I'm SO glad that I have a nice, mature man now.

I'm exhausted....I promise I'll post the pics of my mom's presents and I made for her and also the purdy daffodils. :)


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour!

Okay, so anyone who's reading this, PLEASE participate. Earth hour is from 8 until 9pm tonight. To help conserve power around the plant, everyone is asked to bascially have fun and go back to the middle ages, sitting around candles and playing board games, whatever pleases you. Lol....

View for more information.

Trust me, you CAN make a huge difference!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a long day...

I'm so exhausted. Mentally and physically...

I need to take a shower and clean, but I can't be bothered to move right now. UGH!! HGTV is keeping me company. I've been having a rough night. I'm learning that old habits don't die so hard.

Mad props to Cindy. She's picking me up some fun-lovin' California fabrics. I'm curious as to what I'm going to do with it. Something will come to me, I'm sure. I have a whole bag of "fluff" to stuff pillows with, so that'll probably be part of my idea.

I'm also trading some goods with Linda, in Denmark. I've GOT to start cleaning and getting things together. When I'm done renovating, I'm going to have a scrapbook nook in my room, hopefully I'll have enough space. =X

I've been buying A LOT of stamps. I need to get some clear thin cd holders and use one of my storage bins for stamps. Blah...

I think I'd LOVE to have some music sheets. I need an insider's scoop!

OOOHHH....what makes me so excited right now: [I'll have pictures later]
My dad FINALLY went out and got me some daffodils for by the birdfeeder. He ended up mowing over [and killing] the ones that I pulled from the old woods that USED to be behind our house, so they had special meaning to them. At least now I have beautiful daffodils that he CAN'T and WON'T destroy. PLUS, in the summer, sunflowers grow there too, because of the birdfeeder. :)
But for starters....

OH, and just before bed....this is probably the sexiest thing I've seen in AGES!!! :)

I'm off to shower....and then slumber.
Cleaning tomorrow after class, where I'm having an exam, and hopefully I'll remember my scantron to this class. Ugh! Today was NOT my day.

I want to just have an entire day of sleeping. I'm not going to let that happen until progress has been made. SEVERE progress!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter! :)

Okay, I have yet ANOTHER request....

I have NO idea where to get really cute fabrics such as:

Also, I'm looking for Japanese prints. Think, anime.

I'm searching for ANYTHING!!!

OOOHHH....and the search continues for cupcake materials. Again, fabric, paper, name it.

PLEASE let me know! If anyone has anything, I'll buy it.

Friday, March 21, 2008

OMG!!!! [beware, there's LOADS of requests: numbered]

....and they're ALL MINE!!! muahahaha.

I absolutely LOVE birds. They're becoming the pattern I can't seem to put down. Anything that comes into the store, if it has birds, count of the fact that I've got it!

*NEW* swap that I have to prepare for. I've decided to go out of a limb [though I told myself I need to calm down with the swaps] and participate in the Muses' Clearly Acrylic Mini Book Tastefully Naughty Swap. Hehehe....I'm really excited to see how it turns out. I have something of what I want to do. I need a corset stamp though. :(

1. HELP! I want to find more things with cupcakes and brights. I get bored with some of the products I see out there. There's a VERY limited supply of cupcakes available, that I've seen. I'm not talking entirely scrapbook related, just things I can branch off from. I need some ideas. I want to get started doing some things for Etsy. Woo....only problem, I don't really have much time to create things and also, it won't be for a while. Maybe in the summer....
Also, I'm such a sucker. I need to just cut up my paper and go to town with it. Make tags, frames, cards, magnets, scrapbook layouts, altered name it.

2. If anyone out there in the whole wide internet world have any tips, tricks, or ideas, please tell me.

3. I need cupcake buddies! I'm thinking an entire day dedicated to cupcakes: making, baking, painting, daydreaming about, and endulging.

4. I need to quit buying paper, clean, and create a craft space in my room for this summer. Moreso, however, I want a new, fresh, bright wardrobe. This means shopping! Steals and deals are what I'm looking for. Clearance, cute, different. Ideas?

Nearly my Mom's birthday, which means....MY VERY MERRY UNBIRTHDAY!!!! Seriously.

I was supposed to be born on my Mom's birthday [Saturday, the 22nd], but instead, I made me grand entrance exactly two weeks later. :)

AHHH!!! I'm feeling really creative right now. Too bad I have to get off here and get ready for work. I'll be picking up my acrylic pieces for the swap today. I need to get to work on stuff for my Mom tonight, finishing up the store sample for next week, and buy the supplies for the swap. I'll post pictures of what I create this weekend, next week.

UGH...slavery paper due Monday. This means, no crafting until it's done. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for that. Tiffany and Megan girly-night tonight! I can't wait.


Monday, March 17, 2008


okay, so for an ENTIRE weekend of utter disease and illness, i think i'm at a turn around.

note to self: *some shots do NOT mix well with others! [medicinal, not alcoholic]*

i've lost about three days sleeping, but i do feel REALLY relaxed and not as tired as i have been. hooray!

also, MY FAVORITE DAY is today!!! other than halloween and most certainly THIS year's birthday-fest, for someone who loves green, this is certainly the greatest of the great.

hoping that p and i will be heading downtown [east memphis, yay!] tonight for some much needed shopping. :)
i can't wait to see what we come back with. hanging with her gives me new insight and i get to be more myself than.....well, me.

*i KNOW that didn't make sense. i'm still kinda medicated*

i'm not going into details on just WHAT i've been going through, but it was, undoubtedly the flu. i made the decision last night to REFUSE the ER, and instead, watched hgtv and curled up on the couch with gerkie. she's been my little nurse the entire time.

the ONLY downside of coming out of a coma now is school and also the fact that i'll have to put in my contacts, THINK about make-up, and actually get dressed.....three things that have been OUT OF THE QUESTION these past few days [and nights]. i've also kept my hair all nice and wavy....

i think, if time and weather provides, i'll go out and pick a four-leaf clover or two. depending on if it's a good luck day or not. sometimes, they're hidden.

i need to get something to eat. something that won't hurt my tum-tum. ugh! being sick is NOT fun. i swear....

much love!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Okay Marci!

So, apparently I've been tagged by the great and lovely, Marci.

Seven weird and random things about me:

1. I'm extremely shy, believe it or not.
2. I'm not a fan of most jewelry. In fact, I don't like large gems [i.e. diamonds].
3. I have only ever hit ONE creature, that I know of, while driving [a snake].
4. I am a sucker for pretty much ANYTHING artsy.
5. I probably have more Viagra sticky notes than I do scrapbook paper and embelishments, combined [the ladies I work with know EXACTLY what I'm talking about]!
6. I'm addicted to pastries, mainly cupcakes and anything with them.
7. I am an internet junkie and a Myspace & Etsy freak! :)

I know, lame. I can't think of anything. I don't think I'm going to tag others, though I'm supposed to tag seven others. =/

Feel free to post!