Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy birthday, Cindy!

Yesterday was the lovely Cindy's birthday. She's crazy talented and I miss her a lot.

Lately I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with my best friend, Katie. She's here on leave. Last night was the first night in I can't remember how long, that I've been able to spend time out with a girl friend. It's nice to have someone who won't flake out on me.

I'm also trying to get motivated to create some things for m Etsy shop. I'm trying, but the juices won't flow. Whenever I have some free time, I just want to sleep or relax, burn cds to iTunes, drink coffee, or watch some t.v. or movies.

Speaking of....

I am SO EXCITED!!!! My mom and I have plans to see it. She's a real trooper. She hasn't read any of the books, but she still goes just for me. I've finally finished the books, last week.

I need to find some food......leftovers. Either Pasta Milano or the Flying Saucer Quesadillas. Plus, I picked up a shift today. I need as many hours as I can get!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've decided to share some things that I've adoring as of late:

1.Smiles! :):):):):)

2.Sunflowers (fields=<3)

3.The BLACK iPhone 3G S


5. This fun quote:

Rough road...

I can't believe it's been months since my last post. I've been keeping busy, that's for sure, and trying to deal with things that have since been over my head. Life seems so stressful at times and it's taking all I have in me to try and keep things straight. That's all I can say of the matter.

Hopefully things will start looking up very soon. *Fingers crossed* The prospect for any mini vacations, though [something I've had my hopes up for], seems out of the question.

Tomorrow I have plans to meet with the University of Memphis to show them my portfolio and then try and get some classes set up. I'm planning on abandoning Southwest and moving on to bigger and better things. Possibly night classes, though?!?!

Some other interesting news? I'm supposed to be getting an iPhone [white], however, hte white ones seem to be the most popular, so the shipping of mine has been delayed. I don't know until when, but it's REALLY frustrating! >:(

I need a beach. I'm contemplating very hard whether or not I should get some sand, dump it at my feet, get a bucket of water [adding salt, of course], and slashing around a bit in it all. So depressing.....

I'm not ready for summer to be halfway over. I really don't mind the heat so much, considering it has helped me to get a tan. UVA/UVB! :)

I need to reopen my Etsy. Anyone interested in destash?!