Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stress... :(

I'm so jealous.

I have all these ideas in my head and absolutely NO TIME to execute them. I have all these plans for my Etsy shop, I want to open my own boutique and fill it with bright colors and all things arty, I want to create more projects, I want to be an instructor and dabble in creating my own things and showing others how, I want to be just like Elsie.

It just seems like she's got everything going for her. (She's seriously EVERYTHING I wish I could be. Her style is a mirror-image of what is in my head.) I am so incredibly jealous and I want something like that for ME!



You can call me Lucky. said...

Megan, my dear...
Just be YOU!!! Embrace all the wonderful things that make you...you!
I think they is why Elsie is so amazing. She is herself and embraces her quirky side, stays true to herself, and has fun no matter what! She puts her true self out there for the world. She does have ALOT going for her but so do you and I think even if she wasn't famous she would still be doing everything that she loves still and so should you!!!
You are amazing. I am constantly inspired by you! Put yourself out there for the world, have fun, be quirky,be inspired, embrace yourself, love your life, passé on the love, and be you!!! :)

Megan Rublaitus said...


Yeah, but I need time to be me.

karen said...

You need to be just like "Megan"!! You are extremely creative and I'll bet that Elsie would be jealous of your creativity!! Time is at a premium for everyone. You need to remember that spending time with family and loved ones is as important as expressing your creativity. Through your relationships with others, your creative joy will show!!!
Love ya~

Megan Rublaitus said...

Maybe.... =/

Love you too!