Saturday, January 31, 2009

How embarrassing!

I caught myself reminiscing about something from almost a year ago. It brought a smirk to my face. At the time, however, it wasn't so funny.

David and I were "dating" [that time before the gf/bf thing] and I was at Memphis. We had a date to meet for coffee before my second class. I had gaps between my classes then too. I was so excited to see him.

I got my coffee [I don't think he got anything] and we sat down. We were talking [still nervous and getting to know each other]. I remember how cute he was then too. :)

Well, he decided to try and sample my drink [hold the "Eww!'s"], but happened to knock it over instead. ALL. OVER. ME. Keep in mind I still had classes afterwards. Well, bless his heart, he got up and got me napkins. I couldn't move. The coffee was leaking underneath the seat I was sitting in and onto my butt. I was mortified that I would have to be seen with "wet-pants". The people around us already knew what had happened and kind of minded their own business, with slight giggles. It wouldn't have been as bad if I still carried extra clothes in the car and if there hadn't been a banquet going on only a few feet from us.

Poor David. I think he might have thought that I wouldn't want to ever see him again after that! I kinda hinted that I was pissed.....not as subtly as I'd like to have. I asked him to find me the nearest bathroom--QUICK!

I went the rest of the day smelling like a huge pot of coffee. There could be worse things. Thankfully, there wasn't too much staining on my pants [everything came out in the wash].

Thus the story of my introduction of David to my coworkers and mom. I haven't let him live it down. I happen to think it was :)

Any embarrassing stories you'd like to share?


Veronica said...

Love the cau-fee story! You took a new twist of getting all hot & bothered didn't cha? :-)

Meg, how hard is it using Etsy & is it even worth it?


Megan Rublaitus said...

Haha...yeah. It was certainly memorable.

I have my Etsy, and at first it was great. I'm sure I've lost alot of my customers or potential customers due to my lack of upkeep.

It's definately worth it, if you have the time and energy for it.