Sunday, May 25, 2008

As odd as it sounds...

David and I went to a Fish Fry at a house owned by members of the car club. It was really kinda fun, for being so DANG hot!!!

The members all brought their cars. One lady, named Patricia, let David take me for a ride in her antique, automatic Mini Cooper. VERY cute...

Loads of people were watching the Indy 300. I can't get into that crap.... =X
Something with milk at the end. Double YUCK!

The fish, fries, fruit were ALL wonderful. THe BEST darn catfish I've ever had. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I couldn't help but to over endulge.

Later we went to Plato's Closet [my *NEW* addiction]. David really helps out! We ended up walking out with three skirts and a dress. He got the dress and a skirt and I bought the other two skirts. He SPOILS the mess out of me, and for once, I honestly know what it's like to be able to be spoiled by a guy. I love him with all I've got! [And no, NOT for the money.]

Afterwards, he ended up taking me back to Eclectica, where I normally leave the car, to join the ladies for an employee crop [which I believe we need WAYYY more of!!!]. I didn't cry, thankfully, but I just can't believe that Michelle is moving! It hasn't sunk in yet...
I'm REALLY going to miss her. She's my BFF! ;)
2008 SUCKS!


BOY (1:04:09 AM): you are adorable, sweet, kind, appreciative, humble, down to earth, funny, spontanious, exciting, naturally beautiful, giving, ............
GIRL (1:04:34 AM): ....really?! :')

Thursday, May 22, 2008


My mom and I are going to pick strawberries today. I'm really excited, and I'm thinking that I might want to change into warmer clothes. It's overcast and I don't want it to rain and be in shorts and flip flops. YUCK!

More to post later...

[*EDIT!*] :)

Okay, so that was unexpected fun. We got all ready and went to Wal-Mart to pick up containers and snacks. I ended up getting one of the new Mt. Dews [Supernova, to keep with our "strawberry theme"]. It's really pretty good. Lol...duh!

Anywho...picked strawberries and then went to McDonald's to eat. I got a Mighty Kids meal with a purse. I can be SUCH a dork. =/

I finished the pages to the faux mini book kit I bought from the store. It's looking mighty cute. All I have to do now is sand the edges, cover the chip people, and add the Doodlebug rubons and PICTURES!!! :)

Tomorrow is David and my 3 month anniversary. I'm going to lunch with him and then after work, I think we're doing something at the house for dinner. I have a special surprise for him COVERED in chocolate.... ;) [hint: HAND PICKED!]

Saturday means ANOTEHR PICNIC!!! YAY!! I am super excited.

Friday, May 16, 2008

This is turning out to be a bummer of a year...

Not only did Sam pass away, but my brother's friend [whom I knew as well], David Mister has since passed. He was 25 years old and died from, what we know as, a siezure. Things just seem so wrong.

Not to mention, my friend, Michelle, has been overcome by the sad news of her IVF results. These things just shouldn't be happening.

On top of things, I lost a boyfriend and gained another [personal accomplishment in my eyes].

My REALLY GREAT friend, Priscilla, and her husband [another good friend] Trae, are moving 6 hours away to Knoxville. A spur of the moment decision.

FURTHERMORE, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, because [LET'S BE HONEST] I CAN'T be a housewife, full-time, with a part-time job on the side working retail. That is a nice goal to attain.
I don't want to teach or anything. I just want to have fun and do as much as I can possibly do before I die.

With how things are, who knows? Life is too short to get sucked up in the here and now. You HAVE to live your own life the way in which you desire. There should be no limits to what you can attain.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

So to all the mothers out there, a very happy, HAPPY Mother's Day! :)

Here's what I made for my mom:
A scrapbook page to add a photo from tomorrow onto. Made with paper from the new Wild Asparagus line, May Arts sheer blue and purple ribbon, staples, and cardstock.

AND, I made her a card using the same line and embellishments from scraps.

Also, on my way home from David's [we battled the storm], I spotted Tommy ["our" tomcat] on the walkway sniffing at something. He kept poking his head into the weeds and then jumping back. He looked so adorable and at first glance I just assumed it was a bug. Then the something MOVED and I thought it was a snake and got scared thinking he was going to get bit. I hurriedly gathered my things and opened the door. Tommy started to run up to me and then proudly walked to where the "THING" was and kept going. As I stared down at the tail of a slimey critter, I look hard and realize just what it is. THANKFULLY Tommy left it entact and unharmed. I ran upstairs to get Justin and told my mom to come too. Here's what I found.

Awwww....I can't tell you the last time I spotted a salamander. They're so cute! :)
This made my night. Thanks Tom Tom!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yesterday's graduation.

So yesterday my brother graduated from college [with honors] with his bachlors of business. I ended up making him a card, from scratch.

I'm pretty pleased. He really liked it. I'm pretty sure he'll hold on to it. He's not the kind of brother to throw out the things that I make him.
On the "DL", I very proud of him. He's done very well and I'm sure he won't have to worry about the "REAL WORLD" or anything like that. He's gonna be fine.

Today I'm going with David to Mississippi to a car show/meet. His car club that he and his dad are a part of are all driving their British cars to Mississippi to meet up and have like a picnic at one of the guys' estates[?] I'm super excited and I really hope I dress alright for it and whatnot, with all the rain....I'm not sure how the ground and whatnot will be there.

I'm taking my mom's camera to take pictures [since my memory card is full and we won't have time to run by Wal-Mart or whereever to get my photos onto a cd]. I'll hopefully scrap them later.

Tonight he'll get to meet my Grandparents and we're going to grill out and socialize. I can't wait!
Maybe we can go to a movie later or something. =/

Tomorrow=CINCO DE MAYO!!!
I'm hoping that David and I can head out into Memphis and do a little drinking, since I'm off work and, HELLO, it is a national drinking day. Haha....

I'm happy and excited. The remainder of this weekend should be GREAT! Plus Monday, if all goes according to plan.