Sunday, March 22, 2009

First off...


I've decided to update my Etsy shop. I'm in the process of collecting [which I've been doing for years] product to use in making marvelous keepsakes.

I have a few summer things up my sleeve. I'm so excited. I need the extra cash, although I'm not sure I'll start "cashing" in right away. I really just love getting my ideas out there. It gives me something to do. Lol....

I've been inspired, actually. The *new* K & Company "Citronella" line came in and all I've been thinking about it making multiple summer mini albums. I'll have them posted A.S.A.P. I'm just now starting on them.

Keep in mind I haven't touched the "organization project/room renovation" in well over a month. :(
Creating just seems more fun.

Plus, I'm so happy and the sun is making me want to DO SOMETHING!!!! Lol...
AAHHHHHH!!! I'm so excited. I hope everyone likes what comes out of it. :):):):)

I still have a little "something" that I plan on making someone special and close to my heart.....
Tomorrow's David and my 1yr/1mo. Not that I'm counting or anything.....just saying. ;)

Here's a preview of the summer albums [all should be the same, pretty much]:

Upstairs to get some coasters! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Break!!!

A much needed break from school. I've been feeling rather lethargic when it comes to my work. I have three midterms due the week I return and one of which is baffling me. I'm not sure what to do for it and another is just piecing together an image from a .jpg file. I've completed one and I'm very happy with the results.

I just don't really feel like dragging myself to school over break to complete them, although it's already been done once.

I have a busy week already. I have scheduled an oil change and haircut for today, a doctor's appointment for Wednesday, and a dental appointment for Thursday. Plus, tanning all week and seeing David as much as I possibly can [which is a relief].

I'm VERY exited to be tanning again. I'm seriously looking transparent. It's disgusting. Wish I had some Italian in me. At least then I'd have a little color, year-round.


I'm thinking this one. I like the layers around the face, HOWEVER, I'm not going to get my hair cut in chunks like the lighter part of her hair. That's stupid.

Other contestants....
....of course!

Okay...time to get ready.