Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh good[ie]ness!

I always seem to be the night owl in the majority of my posts.....

Tomorrow I have a wonderful day off. I get to do whatever I want all day, which I'm actually having to force cleaning and doing laundry so I can get to creating!

I need a craft space in my room, so in order for that to be done, things need to be shifted and moved around....and cleaned.

Oh if only I could have my dream MR. BIG closet and also a WONDERUFLL FABULOUS scraproom, all to myself.
I keep wishing...

Today [the 23rd], is David and my 5 month. I know, I might be odd that we're keeping track, but we aren't married and it's one of the things that we both look forward to so much. We won't be seeing each other tomorrow, but we're getting pumped up for the reunion trip to Illinois to visit my family. He's never been to Ottawa and I'm going to have SO MUCH fun showing him everything I can.

There's a distant rumble of thumder in the background, and I'm happy to say that this makes me incredibly peaceful. I can't wait to go to bed and hear this as a sleep. :)


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