Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holy smokes!

What a week/weekend! I had a blast Thursday and Friday night [literally!]. David and I went with my mom and dad to Millington to watch the fireworks [at our exclusive spot] with my mom's friends, Jackie, Chris, and Alaina [and Chris' husband, Chuck, Alaina's husband, George, and Chris' daughter Cassie--who ROCKS btw!]. We were right across the lake from the fireworks.

On the fourth, David and I went over to his parents to eat and go to the Germantown fireworks show. We sat alone in one of the Saddlecreek Shopping Center parking lots.

So that was that, minus the little tidbits between....
Like fireworks with Mike and Alex, among others.

Today has be unproductive, except that I bought MORE hangers at Wal*Mart for my room. 30 to be exact. My clothes are driving me crazy, but I love them all....I need a MUCH bigger closet. Think Carrie Bradshaw BIG [get it? Mr. Big? Closet? NO??!?!].
Lol'ing on the inside, really.

I didn't get to see David today, either. That always makes things worse. There are times that I really do wish we were married. I hate saying goodbye and I hate going even a day without seeing him. Plus, I want to get married. There are more reasons, but that's a novel. He had an okay day though. Swimming with Mike, Alex, and me. :(
BUT, he's sick. I'm considering picking him up some CNS from the store on the way to see him tomorrow.

I've got plans though....I love plans.
Depending on if I wake my happy butt up early enough, I'm wanting to go to Southwest and the U of M to straighten everything up with Fall 08's registration and the switching of my major, as well as filling my Graduation Application.


P.S. Random thought for tonight:
Why is it that I can feel so strongly about something, yet, moments can pass me by in a blur?

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