Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 Looks

Eclectica's 3 Looks has hit the shelves.....and the website.

The journaling can't quite be made out from the picture, so I went ahead and retyped it: "What a gorgeous day for a walk in the woods. I picked the spot, he picked the camera. We walked through acres of woods by the Wolf River and stopped at the lake. Afterwards, we made friends with the locals and fed them Chick-Fil-A bread and fries. -Nature Walk 6/08"

Three things the make me happy:
1. The remainder of the week [MINUS EVERY MOSQUITO].
2. Tomorrow's cleaning [yes, I know.....I'm probably sick].
3. Tanning.

Something that makes me sad:
1. Mosquitoes.

I'm off to go get ready to go do one of my happys. ;)
AFTER I wish an old friend Happy Birthday and have a cup of coffee.


P.S. It's crazy, but yesterday I found a picture of Brad. It was the first time that I didn't feel anything because of it. It's like it almost never happened and it was just a picture of a lost friend. I barely chuckled [if that's what you call that one little "huh" sorta laugh under you breath sort of thing]. This...is number 4 on my happy things.

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