Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How freaking cool

are these?!?!!?

Wow...I can't wait. Hopefully they won't be too expensive. I need to discover some blogs that have creative ways of staying thrifty and saving on item in-store and in life. I HAVE to start saving and getting coupons and giftcards and doodads to keep the cost of my spending low. I spend WAYYY too much, and I don't make enough to just do that. Especially with gas on the rise and a huge @$$ tank in my Dad's car.


Good news [is always good], Michelle and I had fun yesterday at Eclectica, doing make n takes and chatting along. Afterwards getting yucky [yes, Y.U.C.K.Y.] Starbucks [stupid girl] and shop-a-lopping in Target. Thankfully I managed to keep my total down to just over $11 after raiding the dollar and two-dolla-fiddy section. Whew!

Today calls for me getting up and getting coffee and actually WAKING UP to go and hang out with Michelle again! YAY!!! I'm loving the times we have to hang out. Being inspired kicks it!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

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