Thursday, July 31, 2008

FIRST SALE!!! exciting! I've made my first two sales today. I'm super excited. Thanks to the LOVELY Tara from Canada.

So if you missed out on the two items, send me a convo. I can make more if necessary.

I'll be out of town next week/weekend and the following week [August 7-12] for a family reunion in Ottawa, IL. I'm so happy to be going "home" to visit my grandparents and get my other change of scenery. I LOVE that town. I can't begin to describe how happy I feel just being there.

What's better? DAVID'S GOING!!!! It will be a much better experience with him there. I won't need my cell phone or anything, unless Michelle calls! :)

I'm putting some finishing touches on my items and getting them all ready to go. I have to configure some "goodie bags" to go with them. I mean, hey...THEY'RE GOING TO CANADA!!!!!

Super stoked! I'm seriously considering celebrating tonight. I've been dancing my booty off.


You can call me Lucky. said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!

Megan Rublaitus said...

Hooray!! Yeah, I'm super excited. I've been running around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off [**haha...cute idea for a card!**--roosters and all]!!!


P.S. I don't think cleaning is in the cards for me today. =/

Justine said...

That's awesome!! Well done and very exciting

Megan Rublaitus said...

Thank you! I can't believe it.