Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nearly completed

As promise, though I'm certain many people won't really mind, here's the pics from the other night....and some from today.

The guys looking at lighting fixtures [Mike and David]


The partially finished garage. I was instructed NOT to take pictures of the mess...

GORGEOUS colors for a kitchen [snagged this one from a magazine when I was waiting on the guys to check out]. I absolutely love it.

I actually OWN one of these black. They're called "Wassily chairs" and are named after Wassily Kandinsky from Russia [fyi--got that from the magazine too!]

Pictures while driving to work this morning [I know, I know....BAD!]
This one is Rosemark Academy. They're tearing it down! Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to get a shot of the front....just the gym.

The old mill across the street from the school. It's been vacant for years, and I LOVE it.

People are cutting down alot of trees for God knows what. I love the sunrays coming through. :)

I didn't touch up any of the photos, sorry...

Oh, David and I didn't do much of anything tonight. It was great. WAYYYY too hot for a picnic, so we went to Sonic instead. :) Hooray!

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