Friday, June 27, 2008

TFI freakin F! :)

Oh I do hope I surprise EVERYONE....

I started on my Etsy shop products today with Michelle. She is really helpful and I love how similar we are. It's like she's in my head, which is weird, yeah, but TOTALLY helpful and needed. We remind each other of things and encourage each other.....and SHARE!!! ;)

I REALLY hope we do this weekly. I need someone like her in my life more often than she already is. I'm really thankful for her.

I'm going to be doing the dreaded "c" word tomorrow. This includes my laundry, which is blocking off the cat's kitty box. =X
I'm just glad neither have gone elsewhere.

Speaking of, Gerkie's crashed out on my bed next to me. She's so darn cute!

I'm missing people. Priscilla mostly....I really hope I get down what I have planned in time. It needs to have the right touch, and paint.

David's coming over tomorrow night to help with my room. I'm going to get everything ready by the end of the month to start REALLY getting down to business on my Etsy stuff. He's really motivating me and that's why I'm hecka thankful for him, too!

Michelle, here's to you girlie! :)
Thank you for making my day pure joy.

P.S. The Starbuck's Strawberry Lemonade is AMAZING!!! It'll sure wake you up though! darn tart.

P.P.S. This was actually what I modeled my dad's Father's Day card after:


You can call me Lucky. said...

You are AMAZING!!! I can't wait until you open up your etsy shop!!!
I had so much fun today! I love all of your ideas and you inspired me. . . seeing you work was pretty inspiring! We are so much alike, but put our own little twist on things to make it our own style. You and all your "high tech" supplies! lol.
Yes, once a week! Even if it is just a few hours!
I will be (((cleaning))) tomorrow too! Argghhhh!
PS. You might not surprise me. . . I already know you are fabulous, uh, I mean "special". hahha. I'm a dork.

Megan Rublaitus said...

Lol...I do believe you have a valid point, however, don't forget I'm surrpunded by all the "latest adn greatest", so I HAVE to be WELL prepared. You are MORE than welcome to borrow and use anything that I have. Just send me a text or give me a coral [get it? lol..] sometime. You have my schedule. Just give me a few days heads up [SEVEN UP!] and we can always either crop or hang. Either or. I'm up for anything with ya! Strawberry Lemonades galore.

Okay, special-RICH-popular-cupcakeLOVIN', spirograph-having Michelle! Lol..