Saturday, June 28, 2008

I scare myself.

Sometimes it's amazing what I can do. Yesterday, after months of trying and failed attempts, I ACTUALLY got the internet back up on my computer upstairs! No more laptop lugging nightly. This makes me happy.

I don't know what I did, but all I know is that it works now. I'm very happy and proud of myself. My dad said that if I'm going into Graphic Design and working with computers, I'd better know how to fix my computer. Ugh! My mom was happy for me, at least.

I'm so excited for the upcoming months. July 3rd, David and I are joining my family [minus Justin and Tiffany] and my mom's friends for fireworks. The 4th, I'm going over to David's parents to do fireworks there. Note, I HATE loud noises. =/

ALSO, August 7-12 my family, Tiffany, and David are all going to Illinois [SILENT "S", that always kills me when people say it wrong] to visit my grandparents and go for the family reunion. This year's is going to be better. I ACTUALLY have a decent guy who I can trust [even if he wasn't going]. This just makes it better too, since he'll be able to see Ottawa and all the joys it brings.

I NEED to finish my reunion album from last year. I'm sure a procrastinator. :(

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