Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exactly 1 month and 29 days....

...since I'm SEEN my best friend! I got the chance to hang out with my beloved Megan Sara, my bestest friend [aka BIFFLE]. It happened spur of the moment and she agreed to go to the local coffee shop with me, but we ended up going to Margarita's for Pina Coladas [imagine that], cheese dip, tacos, and quesadillas....THEN we went to Perks [the coffee shop]. It's funny, we ALWAYS end up gathering so many dramatic tales of our boyfriends and crazy everyday life and sit and talk for hours. We're hoping to have more time for us this month. I really miss her. I don't think we've EVER gone this long.....literally, the DAY AFTER my birthday. Ridiculous.

Tomorrow I go to work and then get to see David! HOORAY!!!

I went tanning again today for 10 minutes, and burnt myself even more. I'm having a day off tomorrow....probably, unless I tan before work. We'll see how bad I look tomorrow. I'm pretty pink. =/

Also, I cracked my lip the other day at work. They were apparently VERY dry and now it hurts really bad. I cracked it RIGHT down the middle. UGH! Yuck.

I have pictures from the other day.....
I went to the barn to take care of Abby [my horse] and I ended up walking her around, giving her a bath, and brushing her. She's gorgeous.....but unfortunately, really old. :(
Here's one of the pics:



You can call me Lucky. said...

Happy you had some fun!
I am sure you are super cute when pink.
And your horse is just beautiful!!!

Megan Rublaitus said... is a rather attractive color. ;)

Thank you. Abby is simply an amazing horse. I've learned a lot from her.

Hope you're doing well!