Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm really digging the song from Brett Dennen called "Ain't No Reason". You might have seen it on Jay Leno the other night. I didn't like it that much then, but I couldn't change the channel or take my eyes off the screen.

I have a makeup test tomorrow. I failed [along with all but 12 students in all his classes] with a 38! YIKES!!!!
I'm going to have my work cut out for me. I've NEVER been good at standardized tests, or tests in general. I don't freak's just I can't do them. I can study for hours or not even study at all or anywhere in between, and the results are ALWAYS the same. I win some, I lose some.

Speaking of, the first paper I wrote and BS'ed in my history class I recieved a 95 on, and the second that I thought I NAILED.....a freaking 78.

I just can't wait to get this semester over with and breathe. I think the stress just got to me from having to switch schools and adjust. I was really hoping for Dean's List my first semester at Memphis, and I'm still hoping, but....we'll see.

I need to just get away and relax. Somewhere OUT of Memphis. Florida was JUST in my grasp, yet, I HAVE NO MONEY...
I needed to be saving up for QUITE some time. I don't see me leaving this area for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

Uhh...I need to go to bed. Typing late at night usually doesn't do me much good. I end up posting about things that I shouldn't or whatever.



You can call me Lucky. said...

ahhh, Florida!!! I wanna go too! I miss some water, sun, and sand. Mostly the sun. I love summer!

:)I went you know where today and you were not working. You are never there when I am shopping! I wanted to come by the other night, but it was storming all day and I stayed in my pjs all day. Lazy me.

I have to give myself those silly shots every day at 5pm, so that kinda holds me back from being out at that time. But let me know when you are working next week or so and maybe I can check in on you. . . or maybe we can get a Starbucks one of these days. Mmmmm. . .

Megan Rublaitus said...

Haha...yeah, I've decided that I'm not going to go to Florida this time around. I don't have the money for it. I should have been saving for some time, not just taking on that entire load on ONE paycheck. Lol...oh well.

Umm...I was working tonight. I came in around 2:30 for my 4-close shift. I was in the back though. I feel the laziness. I have Spring Fever like a b****. :(

I'll only be working three days next week [Tuesday from 3-close, Thursday from 4-close, and Saturday from 10-6]. Other than that, I'm free. Oh...minus school too. I have that Monday-Thursday.

That sucks that you have to give yourself shots. Yucky! I'm terrified of shots and I can't watch needles go into the skin. Therefore, the probability of me becoming a nurse is basically zero. :(