Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm 21.

It's nice. I can now go out and get a drink and feel super grown up.....and spend a fortune! Ugh! Drinks cost more than a meal.

On the 5th, David ended up FINALLY meeting my parents. I think my mom and dad were impressed. SURPRISE! He brought me MORE daffodils! I freaking bunch too! I swear, probably 21, with some having 2 on 1. :)

My dad "grilled" him a little, which was okay. Then, Justin, Tiffany, David, and I all headed to Memphis to the Fox and Hound to TRY to watch the Memphis game. It was packed out, so David just suggested we all go back to his place to watch it, and with only a few minutes into it, we made it.

Free drinks for the gang [not me, surprise!] and a seat. I did have a sip of Yager. UGH!!! Never again.

Then we all headed back out to Memphis [Justin and Tiffany went to Bennigans; David and I went to Clark Tower].

The Tower Room is AMAZING! I highly recommend it. I had a glass of White Zinfendel and pasta.

The night was great. I didn't get drunk or anything, and that's EXACTLY how I wanted it. I have NO desire to drink that much.....ever. Ugh!

Yesterday, I met up with my best friends, Megan and Cassandra, and Greg [Megan's boyfriend] and David at Chili's in Millington. Megan and I got pina colada's. YUM!

That's about it. I'm happy.
I can start hanging out with my brother and Tiffany more. I feel more grown up, but at the same time, I don't feel like anything's changed.

I have pics to scrap now though. :)

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