Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hooray!!! I haven't been to the zoo in ages, so of course when Brad asked me if I would like to go, I jumped on the chance to see all the cute and fuzzy animals. :)

Also, I have a class tonight by the lovely and talented Marci Lambert. We're creating a tag book for the winter holidays [yes, I know....it's July]. My mo is going to be in the class with me and it'll be the FIRST class that we've taken together since Card Club before I started working at Eclectica [a year ago]. Wow, thinking about it, it doesn't seem like I've been there that long, but I'm glad that I can say......it's been well worth it!
It has it's ups and downs, but all places do. Wait, where were we?

Yes, my favorite place to go in Tennessee. Seriously, Brad and I used to go almost every month, possibly twice a month when we first got togetherand it's been a little while since we last went. Apparently it's the perfect day to go, since Chelsea's taking her ADORABLE baby girl, Danielle today and also, my brother and Tiffany [his girlfriend] are also going. I need to start getting ready to head over to Brad's and get my camera charged [he has my charger over there]! w00t!

I need to start posting pics from my classes on here again....sorry, I'm slacking.

Many hearts!


Roxi Phillips said...

Hey there...I'm back from CHA and have I got something for yoooou! All I'm gonna say is...you'll love me forever! Email me and let me know when you work.

Megan Rublaitus said...

Oh boy!!! <33333...
I'm lovin' you already!

Off to email!