Sunday, July 29, 2007

From last night's class..

From A:

To B:

Tonight's class was designed to help inspire you to think creatively outside your norm. I usually tend to do the same things, but I feel like I'm more inspired if I'm limited to certain things. Not sure if I'm really speaking English, but it was fun.
We were to look at a layout [from a magazine-this one happened to be an ad for hardware and shelving units] and use the layout to create our own. I'm still not 100% complete, as you may have noticed NO picture in my layout.

I'm looking to get the perfect picture to put there.

I'm thinking I'm probably going to do the HMITM challenge this week. Kinda nervous about what I'm going to do, since I have to kinda stage a photo shoot with this one....but at least I have an idea, which is more that I can say for some of my creative outbursts. I don't think anyone will be shocked.....

I need to get motivated. =/

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