Monday, July 16, 2007


I really wish I knew how to sew.

Two things on my *wish*list*:
1. Cute, easy-to-use, sewing machine.


2. Canon Digi Rebel....I know it's a long-shot, but a girl CAN dream!

Some exciting news: May, or may not have, mentioned that there were baby birds outside my house in a looming flowerpot. Well, not only did all *4* eggs hatch, but all four of the babies survived, and have since left the nest. Hooray! I have enough pictures to document the occasion as well.
Other stuff....I'll be leaving to go to Illinois for a family reunion [first one I've ever been to] from August 9th until August 13th. I'll also be raiding my Grandmother's stash of awesomely unique and vintage items, possibly some of her felt collection as well.

Sometime this Fall, I want to get back up there and go to Chicago again. I absolutely love going up there and seeing all the neat things....especially the water's edge and Navy Pier.

These girls amaze me. I'm such a bright junkie...and lately, a button fiend, though I barely have ANY! :(

I've been to the site ETSY, and I must say, I'm not that impressed. I love that people can sell their stuff, but it seems overpriced and I just can't find anything I HAVE to have.

I need to get my Spanish homework/journal completed. It's due on Wednesday [miercoles] and I haven't even started, though it won't be hard. Also, I'm REALLY needing to get my room clean. I can't stand it anymore AND I have *new* furniture that my Mom and Dad bought me to go up there, meaning that my old sutff needs to be stored in the attic. My Mom got me a t.v. stand and my Dad bought a designer chair in Virginia that he gave to me. The chair is pictured in a book at work....or it may have just been in one that Cynthia bought that we ordered. Whichever...

I need to figure out something. PLUS I need to get all my scrapbooking stuff together and relatively organized, which could take....God only knows how long!

Oh boy. Better get started!

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