Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've noticed..

I seem to use the same colors over and over again in any layout that I'm working solo on. Greens, bright pinks, and blacks or greys....sometimes blues are thrown in for good measure. I NEVER use reds, oranges, or yellows....and I seem to avoid purple altogether [minus the mini book I made for Brandy ;)].
I just wish that I could walk through the store and find something that inspires me to create that DIDN'T have a slight touch of these colors.

Even this layout has them....[NOT MINE, of course], however it at least shows signs of the colors I mentioned, so I'm doing better than before.

I have a *few* things I need to shop for today [I'm horrible when I go shopping :(] before I go in to work. Which means, I ACTUALLY have to go upstairs and get dressed. No more playing around on the internet. BOO!
My "OH MY GOD!" moment of today:

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