Monday, March 31, 2008

A little less than a week....

...and I'll be

I'm pretty excited. Rightfully so, I suppose. Mainly just because I don't have anything to look forward to after this birthday, until 65 and get social security....oh wait, that's out now! Stupid economy.

I'm so excited about going out. David and I are supposed to have a relaxing, quite night. He's taking me to Clark Tower.

All I want is some champagne and a sunset.

Mmm....see why I'm excited??



cindy said...

You're almost there.... how exciting! It seems like forever since I turned 21... cause I was pregnant with Mason!
There is something else to look forward to, lower car insurance at 35... wow...good times!
One word of advice... start saving now for your retirement, by then you should have atleast $4, thats after the gov. takes their share... :)
A super fun package will be heading your way tomorrow...
XO, Cindy

Megan Rublaitus said...

haha...HOORAY! $4 whole dollars?!?! sweet...
i might be working until i die.
lower car insurance does sound good though. every little bit counts.

i'm sure 21 will be fun. i'm not a huge "party-er" so it will probably just be a moderate change. i'll feel a little more grown up, that's all.

SUPER FUN PACKAGE!??! hooray!!!
how can i return the favor or pay you back?
send me an invoice, sweetie!


You can call me Lucky. said...

Yay!!! "Happy Early Birthday!!!"
I hope it is simply amazing!!!

PS. I have an obession with !!!, but it shows my excitement!!! :P

steph said...

Happy happy birthday! My brother is turning 21 on the 8th. It's such a monumental birthday...and then it's all down hill. I'm kidding! :]

Megan Rublaitus said...


I ALSO have an obsession with exclamation points!!!!! They're the bestest! :)



Megan Rublaitus said...


Happy Birthday to your brother!!! I'm thinking this, again, will make me feel a little more grown up, but I'm not really one for the drinking scene.
I don't see there being much change, just a number.
Though I'm sure it really IS all a slightly more upbeat fashion. Lol...