Monday, March 17, 2008


okay, so for an ENTIRE weekend of utter disease and illness, i think i'm at a turn around.

note to self: *some shots do NOT mix well with others! [medicinal, not alcoholic]*

i've lost about three days sleeping, but i do feel REALLY relaxed and not as tired as i have been. hooray!

also, MY FAVORITE DAY is today!!! other than halloween and most certainly THIS year's birthday-fest, for someone who loves green, this is certainly the greatest of the great.

hoping that p and i will be heading downtown [east memphis, yay!] tonight for some much needed shopping. :)
i can't wait to see what we come back with. hanging with her gives me new insight and i get to be more myself than.....well, me.

*i KNOW that didn't make sense. i'm still kinda medicated*

i'm not going into details on just WHAT i've been going through, but it was, undoubtedly the flu. i made the decision last night to REFUSE the ER, and instead, watched hgtv and curled up on the couch with gerkie. she's been my little nurse the entire time.

the ONLY downside of coming out of a coma now is school and also the fact that i'll have to put in my contacts, THINK about make-up, and actually get dressed.....three things that have been OUT OF THE QUESTION these past few days [and nights]. i've also kept my hair all nice and wavy....

i think, if time and weather provides, i'll go out and pick a four-leaf clover or two. depending on if it's a good luck day or not. sometimes, they're hidden.

i need to get something to eat. something that won't hurt my tum-tum. ugh! being sick is NOT fun. i swear....

much love!


You can call me Lucky. said...

Awww, I am sorry you were sick :( Have fun shopping and picking four-leaf clovers! I have never found one, but ya never know. . . maybe oneday! :)

Megan Rublaitus said...

awww...they're so exciting to find!
i did find one today, on my own. my mom and i went on a clover frenzy in our front yard, while my dad was mowing. quite a funny scene.

*[since the comment hates me and doesn't allow images, copy and paste the link to view]*

i'm actually feeling SOOO much better. i took off saturday to recover and didn't end up getting better until this morning. it started on thursday night. ugh! flu's suck!

we'll have to go clover picking someday! my treat. :)