Friday, March 21, 2008

OMG!!!! [beware, there's LOADS of requests: numbered]

....and they're ALL MINE!!! muahahaha.

I absolutely LOVE birds. They're becoming the pattern I can't seem to put down. Anything that comes into the store, if it has birds, count of the fact that I've got it!

*NEW* swap that I have to prepare for. I've decided to go out of a limb [though I told myself I need to calm down with the swaps] and participate in the Muses' Clearly Acrylic Mini Book Tastefully Naughty Swap. Hehehe....I'm really excited to see how it turns out. I have something of what I want to do. I need a corset stamp though. :(

1. HELP! I want to find more things with cupcakes and brights. I get bored with some of the products I see out there. There's a VERY limited supply of cupcakes available, that I've seen. I'm not talking entirely scrapbook related, just things I can branch off from. I need some ideas. I want to get started doing some things for Etsy. Woo....only problem, I don't really have much time to create things and also, it won't be for a while. Maybe in the summer....
Also, I'm such a sucker. I need to just cut up my paper and go to town with it. Make tags, frames, cards, magnets, scrapbook layouts, altered name it.

2. If anyone out there in the whole wide internet world have any tips, tricks, or ideas, please tell me.

3. I need cupcake buddies! I'm thinking an entire day dedicated to cupcakes: making, baking, painting, daydreaming about, and endulging.

4. I need to quit buying paper, clean, and create a craft space in my room for this summer. Moreso, however, I want a new, fresh, bright wardrobe. This means shopping! Steals and deals are what I'm looking for. Clearance, cute, different. Ideas?

Nearly my Mom's birthday, which means....MY VERY MERRY UNBIRTHDAY!!!! Seriously.

I was supposed to be born on my Mom's birthday [Saturday, the 22nd], but instead, I made me grand entrance exactly two weeks later. :)

AHHH!!! I'm feeling really creative right now. Too bad I have to get off here and get ready for work. I'll be picking up my acrylic pieces for the swap today. I need to get to work on stuff for my Mom tonight, finishing up the store sample for next week, and buy the supplies for the swap. I'll post pictures of what I create this weekend, next week.

UGH...slavery paper due Monday. This means, no crafting until it's done. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for that. Tiffany and Megan girly-night tonight! I can't wait.


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