Sunday, March 30, 2008


Final four....HERE WE COME!!!

Memphis 85, Texas 67.

What an interesting day. Some of the ladies that came into the store didn't want to know the play-by-plays and whatnots, and Luanne and I were keeping each other updated, so we ended up just writing the score on a Viagra notepad and alerting those who wanted to know, which turned out to be mainly everyone. =/


Here are the pictures from the card and the gift card holder/book that I made for my mom:

I drew a picture of a cupcake and kitty prints on the inside of her card, walking away. It was cute.

I have SO much to do tomorrow. I have to get my dress fitted for my birthday. It's SUPER gorgeous. [pics to come!]

Since I seemed to have neglected mentioning that David brought me daffodils to work right before we closed a few nights back. It put a HUGE smile on my face. ....and yes, I DO have pics! Hehe...

AND....the store sample that I did for Eclectica:

It's simple enough to be cute. TOOT TOOT!


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