Sunday, February 3, 2008


So far today I've:

-Shuffled reading [the important parts] of three history books.
-Wrote part of my rough draft for my paper that's due tomorrow.
-Poked around on various sites/blogs.
-Daydreamed of owning just about everything on Etsy.
-Found a book I'm tempting on buying on Amazon.....or requesting a special order at the store.
-In the process of watching the pre-game show. It's stupid.

Sorry, I'm not really one for Alicia Keys. Ugh!
The anticipation for the family party we're about to have is killing me. Tiffany is going to be coming over, so that means.....AWESOME macarroni and cheese. YUM! We've got [as the verbal "shopping list" has stated] chips, dip, sodas, and meat of sorts. I'm currently taking a break from writing my paper. It's supposed to be a non-fictitious, first-person account of a slave or a slave owner in the late 18th century. I chose an account of the slave. I'm telling about being taken from the home, shipped off to the Americas [the Middle Passage], and setting foot on the new land. It's coming together rather nicely, I think. I'm pretty good at bs-ing some good material, IF the interest is there.

I'm dying to finish and eat a BUNCH of junk.
w00t! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

Much love to the masses,

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