Saturday, January 19, 2008

As of...

January 14th.

Brad and I are no longer together. Honestly, THANK GOD! I couldn't deal with all his lies and his UNWILLINGNESS to do a single thing for me, let alone even bother to take me out on dates. If I gave him an inch, he took three. It just wasn't worth the trouble.

I'm sad that I've lost someone that I tried to work with and love with all my heart [he still has it]. I'm just going to move on and live stronger. I'm through taking people's crap. I deserve better than that. I need to give myself more credit and hold true to my morals and values. NO ONE should EVER come in between those.

On to a much happier and better future....


cindy said...

You DO deserve better! Get up, dust yourself off and take a huge step forward! A relationship shouldn't be 50-50 it should be 100-100%. You are a fabulous girl and I know there is someone out there who will make you smile even when it seems there isn't anything to smile about. Cheer up my sweet beautiful girl... they're not all sucker fishes!
Smoochies, Cindy

Megan Rublaitus said... placo here!
Things are already better. I'm in a much better mood. I enjoy life more. I'm actually HAPPY with just doing nothing, but going to work and school. It's great to just have myself to look after, because we ALL know just how important and demanding our needs get. It's hard enough keeping track of myself.
I love it. I've met a nicer guy, too. He's sweet and sensitive and a TOTAL 180 from what I'm used to. Plus, he understands that I need time and I'm not really looking into dating right now. Being single's cool, too!

MUCH LOVE et al!