Friday, February 15, 2008

A not-so disasterous Valentine's Day

Wow. I was certainly shocked. I kinda expected a day full of misery and loneliness and just utter reflectance on past experiences, but all that was thrown out the window.

After a pretty stressful day, and only minimal reflectance, I gave my Nutritionist lesson for my class [thankfully, the posterboard didn't take TOO long to complete and I came prepared], I headed over to David's house for a relaxing evening.

Not only did he go above and beyond, but this guy knew I didn't have the greatest of days and surprised me with not roses, but irises. :) I promise you, I couldn't have been more relieved that he didn't buy me roses. On top of that, a card [NOT handmade :(], a teddy bear, Ghirardelli caramel chocolates, and......drum roll please...........AN ELCECTICA GIFT CARD!!!! He sooooo knows me. Lol...

We ended up making dinner. He made me spaghetti and garlic bread [yum!] and I made brownies.....which weren't too great. Boo me.

We just watched t.v. and hung out. It was nice and relaxing and a perfect ending to an otherwise miserable and redundant Valentine's fiasco.

I'm happy.

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