Friday, August 24, 2007

Well how about that?

I haven't been much in the mood to start on any projects lately. I wish I had a great creative space, but everything's covered in a sea of distress. One day, maybe.

Brad and I got into it the other day. Well, actually it was I who started trouble. I don't know why I have such trusting issues. Then again, he doesn't really make it that easy.

I've been neglecting my coffee in the mornings and today, it was pure bliss to partake in my morning ritual. I'm really just wanting ot stay home today, but I know I'll probably be missed at work....due to me being scheduled 2-9. I actually prefer these mid-shifts, since I can sleep in until whenever and then work the night away. School, though, is just around the corner and I still need to get over to the bookstore to pick up my books. UGH! NOT a task that I'm jumping for joy about. This semester is going to be one of the most difficult, I can just feel it. I HAVE to get my Associates this semester. I'm really worried about my future and how I'm going to get into the teaching field. I have NO idea what to do or how to do any of it. I just think this is the ONLY thing that I can see myself doing for a few years. Maybe it's what I want to do and maybe it's not. I don't know. I just want to get my degree and then I'll figure out the rest of my life later on.

Okay, well I'm off to do some good for someone, I hope. Just awaiting Monday, after my first class, so Brad and I can go shopping for my books and just hang out. Hopefully we can get some lunch. I just like spending time with the one I love. It's refreshing...

My hair's a wreck.

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