Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stuff keeps pouring in.

I keep receiving goods every day, it seems. I've gotten more dies and my Ranger Melting Pot, along with some others that I probably didn't need, but wanted. I have a SERIOUS shopping problem.

Starbucks! Yes. My best friend, Megan and I are headed there this afternoon RIGHT after I get out of class. I can't wait. I have a $5 card that Brad gave me that he got from his work, and I figure I'll use it today. I have to save every useful penny I own just to pay off my debts. UGH!!!

Ooohh... I got my Elsie book FINALLY!!!! I've been waiting on it to reorder, and of course it would come when my tab was already too high. Sheesh... but I let Brandy install the free fonts to Register 1 and she burnt me a copy of the other fonts we have installed there too. I'm super happy. Now, all I have to do is pick a day that I'm not busy and get to work. I really wish that my computer had a printer and whatnot. Maybe I'll ask for one for Christmas....along with the Canon Digital Rebel I am dying to have as well....HA!

Well, apparently it's a little cold outside. Wonder why.... Oh well. I can put on a jacket before I head out. We have a review today and thus, I must make an appearance, but.....there's STARBUCK'S!!! Mmmm... can't wait!


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