Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My QuicKutz List

I've been compiling a collection of QuicKutz that I wish to purchase, and boy oh boy, the list keeps growing and growing. I know it'll be a lot of money, but I'm going to try and get as many as I can. I have like 3 dies and an alphabet so far, and I'll be trying to get a binder to keep them all in along with the 8-pocket store sheets. I'm not a huge fan of the fold over, 16 pocket sheets.

Also, I'm thinking about getting more of the Tinkering Ink paper line, for more journals. I'm thinking about making two more for Megan and Cassandra. Cassandra can document her pregnancy and Megan can document some notes for her Anatomy classes and labs, her trips to Biloxi [jealous!], or even our special Megan^2 days. I'm not sure, but I'd love to do something special for them, if it is just a journal.

I NEED to get these charms in the mail!!! I had to do some last minute corrections, due to my impatience and the diamond glaze. I'm just hoping that they won't stick to the little baggies that I'm going to put them in, just in case it gets really hot and the diamond glaze decides to pull a "modge podge" and melt to the point of sticking to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it seems to touch. Ugh...

I really want a vacation. Just to go ANYTWHERE and do absolutely nothing sounds like perfect bliss. Alas, no can do.... I will be going to Illinois in August, provided I can get time off work, for a family reunion. I don't call this perfect bliss, since I only know my close relatives, and big families just freak me out. Besides, who can really remember all 500 of their names, anyway?

I need to get ready for school/work. Figure out some items of clothing that both match and I can wear to work. I still need to straighten my hair as well and put on SOME sort of make-up, since I haven't worn any in some time and I'm trying to look decent at least ONCE this week.

GAH! I think I need more coffee....

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