Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Charms completed!!

Finally...I have my charm completed. All I have left to do is get an envelope and send them to Ronnie. I am very proud of them. :)

I have compiled a list of all the QuicKutz dies that I want....NOT including any alphabets. Ooohh! I must brag. I am very excited. I bought Stiletto [a retired alphabet] this past week. I haven't used it yet, but it is my FIRST and only alphabet. Maybe now I will start using my QuicKutz more. Plus, if I get any of these dies off my list, I'll definitely have to be putting my old, hard-to-use, blue handle to use. .....I need a *new* handle [THE BLACK ONE W/ METRO!!!!]

Also, this past week, I started on a composition journal. I have all finished but the front cover and some pockets and fun doo-dads on the inside. Hopefully, I'll make that a project for the week. I need to pay for Ruth's Summer Tin class. Sounds fun, plus, I've seen the teaser and I have NOTHING like that at the house.....actually, my room [my mom has the tins].

Now, off to TRY to find a bank that's close to home and work with *FREE* checking. None of that $1,000 deposit crap. So stupid. First South [who I'm with now] asks for $200 to open with a penalization for drafting below that amount. I don't have $200 I can just GIVE to a bank. Sorry...

Why is this so hard?
I still have my tab to pay off, too [the one with Stiletto on it].

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