Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh boy

I've been pretty busy. Hopefully my charms made it safely to Jackson and into Ronnie's hands. Other than that....some very exciting news. On top of all that I've been purchasing lately, I have made a few OUTSIDE purchases, too. Oooohhh aaaaahhhh. I know....

That's my secret. I just won the Sunshine, discontinued, alphabet for $69.00 plus tax; the video game die for $6.49; the cloud die for $6.85; the soda die for $17.59 [a bit pricey, but it's retired]; and a few die cuts too.

Honestly, I think I'm done for AWHILE. I hope....I need to start saving up some money.

Other news: I've nearly completed my two journals, so I need to put the finishing touches on them and be done with them! Then, I have at least one more to construct. Good thing I only need one composition to finish the job.

When do I find the time to sleep?
Oh, and I think I might have done well on my math test today. Hmm...maybe I can play all these purchases on a celebration of my good work? I doubt that'll fly over too well....

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