Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well, I've done it. I've finally pushed myself to actually finish something........IN ONE NIGHT!!! I had a kit from Candice's class [Color Explosion] and couldn't really do much with it, since there were no instructions nor photographs to compliment the kit, so there I was, all alone and scared and trembling. Slowly awaiting my instructions. Then, along came the book, and I kinda, might have snatched it up to view it's contents.

Other than that, I haven't been up to much else. Placing an order with Michelle through TAC[The Angel Company] and trying to decide how best to administer my money. I've developed a plan. I'll only be ordering 2 sets this round and 4 next. The stamps that I'm wanting are either retiring or, they're a stamp of the month. Golly, I love getting stuff. Now, all I need to do is actually USE all of it! ;)

I'm currently in the midst of creating something [kind of like a RAC-Random Act of Kindness] for someone.....for no particular reason. Although, I have screwed up a few times and I want to make this person happy. So yeah...

I'm hoping that I'll finish Cindy's April kit by this weekend and then start working on this mystery project. I need to get my work published on here. First thing's first, I need to take some pictures of the stuff that I made in Roxi's class, then the Wedding Anniversary album, then Brad's album, then my finished work. I'm not sure if I'll post anything that is actually from a class, unless it was a "self-teach" class, and I had to take the ideas home to play with [think, Marci's Hambly class--BTW, LOVED IT!!!!].

I'm actually super stoked about this upcoming Paper Crafts Challenges. I need to get to work on my homework or I'm bound to fail. Oh no!!!

Summer school starts up for me next week. Sooo not excited, but it's only one class, and I think I can make it: Foundations of Mathematics I. I took it my first semester in college and made a D, so, hence, why I NEED to take it again. My next session is a month from now and I'll be taking Elementary Spanish II. That reminds me.....I also need to start rereading my Spanish texts and refreshing my memory about the language, or I'll be up Goose Creek without it! Oh dear...
At least, it's only a month apiece, but it'll probably be an every day thing.

I need to start getting ready. I'm going to Bartlett to meet Brad and then going with him to his work [although I'll be playing at Books-A-Million] and waiting until he gets off work. We're supposed to be cleaning off his back porch, but I don't really see that happening. We'll probably go back to Bartlett and hang out, hopefully neking a pit-stop by work and Hob Lob.....maybe Micheal's, too. I want to get some of the Once Upon A Time papers from Michael's and see if they have any *new* $1 acrylic stamps. I'm off to ready myself. Doesn't seem like I'll be doing much creating, but maybe I'll have a chance tonight [I stayed up past 12 looking through the TAC catalogue and finishing up the Color Explosion book]. I need to go to bed a little earlier tonight, since I have to go in at 10 tomorrow and then, I have Chelsea's Oodles of Doodles class. Ugh...speaking of which, I wanted to get that book. Bummer. Maybe next tab? I need to quit putting so much on my tabs. This is getting ridiculous. I just want to get a few "essentials" and pick up some papers for that special project.

Up up and away..

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