Sunday, May 27, 2007

Getting creative

As promised, the pictures to the "secret project" that I was constructing:

I put the finishing touches on it this morning, and although some pictures make the pages look blue, it's actually purple. It's a mini photo album/scrapbook to put those itty bitty photos in. I think it turned out great. It was a fun 2 hour project, with little of it actually planned out.

The rest of my morning has consisted on working on my charms for the charm swap. I have to get them mailed, sometime. but i have to get ahold of a 3/4" circle punch. I'm hoping that Mrs. Chris, my mom's best friend has one, because my mom sure doesn't.

I thought about starting on the travel journal [like I go ANYWHERE...pshhh!] that I bought all the coordinating papers for. After school on Tuesday, I'm going to see if Eclectica has a frame diecut. I haven't look to see if we have....*sigh*

I have a few things planned out, so....we'll see how long I can keep my creativity flowing. I like actually coming up with stuff. This is why it's good to have a few days off! :)

I need to get ready to leave. I'm hanging out with one of my friends today whom I haven't see in awhile. I hope we can find more to do than just go to see a movie [Distubia]. I sure do hope so, but Bartlett isn't promising.

Take care!

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