Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the charm swap

ugh... i'm still in the process of trying to come up with a reasonable idea that will work for 10 charms. since i don't know how to make jewelry, i'll have to buy all of the supplies, or better yet, print off images to use. should be fun. if only i could have someone teach me the basics of making jewelry without spending my limbs and vital organs on the black market, i'd be in business.

roxi's class was AMAZING, as always. now, if only the melting pot and all it's glorious accessories we're so expensive, i'd purchase the bundle... one day, maybe? right now, i'm trying to concentrate on getting things that i THINK i may use in the future, when i have more time, and things that just catch my eyes in general. i really wish i had all this time to create wonderful works of art, but it seems as though, with friends and family, work and school, sleep is the next thing on my list. i want to have like a week of nothing but fun and art, but it's hard to get motivated at times.....more like, ALL the time. i HAVE to have a goal and a time in mind to get me started, that's why i take so many classes. i need to get OUT of this creative FUNK that i'm in and start being happy and making worthwhile projects. i'm jealous of everyone that can find time, patience, and happiness though art, when i sit here and can't think of a darn thing.

speaking of which, i still have some projects that need to be completed. i finished two scrapbooks that i needed to complete and i need to work on candice's color explosion kit that i have [need to email her as well] and marci's hambly book. i need some good photos worthy of the book.

i'm working tonight [1-9, taking up jen's hours so that she can have time with her mom, but she'll cover my 4-9 for tonight, so i'll be closing with her....YAY!!!!!!], thus, art will be put off again. i need to start saving some money. i seem to spend SO much on my tabs and yet, where does it all go? into my storage units and into my head to work some magic, hopefully....

this is so frustrating. i have a plan, now for the charm swap. it consists of printed out "buttons" as a background, which have the image of a bumble bee and then a drop-down flower charm/bead. more than likely a bead, since the charms i'm looking for will be $24 something for 10. grrr...
i think they'll turn out to be cutsie. i'm trying to work on it, but i'll probably be procrastinating, per usual.

i have the images printed and the charms themselves, now all i need i is the flower beads and some string or sorts to hang the beads. maybe i'll change my mind and actually draw the bumble image, since these are looking kinda fuzzy.

we'll see what happens.......

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