Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yesterday's graduation.

So yesterday my brother graduated from college [with honors] with his bachlors of business. I ended up making him a card, from scratch.

I'm pretty pleased. He really liked it. I'm pretty sure he'll hold on to it. He's not the kind of brother to throw out the things that I make him.
On the "DL", I very proud of him. He's done very well and I'm sure he won't have to worry about the "REAL WORLD" or anything like that. He's gonna be fine.

Today I'm going with David to Mississippi to a car show/meet. His car club that he and his dad are a part of are all driving their British cars to Mississippi to meet up and have like a picnic at one of the guys' estates[?] I'm super excited and I really hope I dress alright for it and whatnot, with all the rain....I'm not sure how the ground and whatnot will be there.

I'm taking my mom's camera to take pictures [since my memory card is full and we won't have time to run by Wal-Mart or whereever to get my photos onto a cd]. I'll hopefully scrap them later.

Tonight he'll get to meet my Grandparents and we're going to grill out and socialize. I can't wait!
Maybe we can go to a movie later or something. =/

Tomorrow=CINCO DE MAYO!!!
I'm hoping that David and I can head out into Memphis and do a little drinking, since I'm off work and, HELLO, it is a national drinking day. Haha....

I'm happy and excited. The remainder of this weekend should be GREAT! Plus Monday, if all goes according to plan.



steph said...

Super cute card! I love the Dr Suess quote in it.
How was Made of Honor? I'm dying to see it...I love me some McDreamy.

Megan Rublaitus said...

Awww....thank you very much. The inspiration just camed to me, and well, being a BIT inexperienced with graduation cards, I just so happened to opt for a quote and that one stuck.

As for Made of Honor, it was great, OF COURSE!!! Funny, cute, smart....a must see.