Friday, May 16, 2008

This is turning out to be a bummer of a year...

Not only did Sam pass away, but my brother's friend [whom I knew as well], David Mister has since passed. He was 25 years old and died from, what we know as, a siezure. Things just seem so wrong.

Not to mention, my friend, Michelle, has been overcome by the sad news of her IVF results. These things just shouldn't be happening.

On top of things, I lost a boyfriend and gained another [personal accomplishment in my eyes].

My REALLY GREAT friend, Priscilla, and her husband [another good friend] Trae, are moving 6 hours away to Knoxville. A spur of the moment decision.

FURTHERMORE, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, because [LET'S BE HONEST] I CAN'T be a housewife, full-time, with a part-time job on the side working retail. That is a nice goal to attain.
I don't want to teach or anything. I just want to have fun and do as much as I can possibly do before I die.

With how things are, who knows? Life is too short to get sucked up in the here and now. You HAVE to live your own life the way in which you desire. There should be no limits to what you can attain.



You can call me Lucky. said...

:) Thank you for thinking about me! I'm really happy to have you as a friend. . .
Send me your schedule so we can hang out!

Megan Rublaitus said...

Of course! We still need to make our cupcakes and do something....

I'll let you know June's schedule whenever I get it. :)