Sunday, May 25, 2008

As odd as it sounds...

David and I went to a Fish Fry at a house owned by members of the car club. It was really kinda fun, for being so DANG hot!!!

The members all brought their cars. One lady, named Patricia, let David take me for a ride in her antique, automatic Mini Cooper. VERY cute...

Loads of people were watching the Indy 300. I can't get into that crap.... =X
Something with milk at the end. Double YUCK!

The fish, fries, fruit were ALL wonderful. THe BEST darn catfish I've ever had. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I couldn't help but to over endulge.

Later we went to Plato's Closet [my *NEW* addiction]. David really helps out! We ended up walking out with three skirts and a dress. He got the dress and a skirt and I bought the other two skirts. He SPOILS the mess out of me, and for once, I honestly know what it's like to be able to be spoiled by a guy. I love him with all I've got! [And no, NOT for the money.]

Afterwards, he ended up taking me back to Eclectica, where I normally leave the car, to join the ladies for an employee crop [which I believe we need WAYYY more of!!!]. I didn't cry, thankfully, but I just can't believe that Michelle is moving! It hasn't sunk in yet...
I'm REALLY going to miss her. She's my BFF! ;)
2008 SUCKS!


BOY (1:04:09 AM): you are adorable, sweet, kind, appreciative, humble, down to earth, funny, spontanious, exciting, naturally beautiful, giving, ............
GIRL (1:04:34 AM): ....really?! :')

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