Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I need a creative shove.

I'm desperate. I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I need to get it together. I just CAN'T seem to get in a creative mood. I have all these ideas just FLOATING, but I don't seem to ever have the time to make anything. I'm even starting to decide whether my Adobe illustrations that I'm creating in class would even work for Etsy items.

UGH!!! Help?

David and I celebrated our 7 months yesterday. Yes, we're still keeping count. We're not married, so we have to look forward to the months AND years, instead of just yearly anniversaries. I wasn't a very good sport about anything yesterday, either......except at dinner [Macaroni Grill! :)]. With that....well, I haven't been in a good mood this week, and no, NOT because of that. :(

I have LOADS of assignments coming in from just about every angle and I'm wondering how Trish made it through all her courses in Graphic Design and manage all her creativity.


I need to think of a Halloween get-up. I have one in mind, I just have to get it.
Too much.


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