Thursday, August 5, 2010

*NEW* Job!

After 4 wonderful years at Eclectica, it's time to get a full-time job. I am super excited to become a part of the Regions banking team. I'll be working consistant hours and making a salary that I can hopefully depend upon. I will also be having benefits to help make life a lot better.

My first day of orientation is Monday. The rest of the week will be dedicated to training, as well as possible continuing training on location afterwards.

Time to post something of interest. I was VERY excited when the Today Show had this lady on. She is FANTASTIC!!!

And there's even more links on my sidebar.....BIG surprise.


Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Congratulations! I got a full time job in June and it's a lot different than being a full time student. Wow!

And YES!! I saw the clip of PW on the Today show after I got home from work.. I was so bummed I had to miss it airing, but atleast I didn't have to deal with the suspense and commercials! ;)

Samantha said...

congrats on your new job. I love regions bank... still use it all the way in wisconsin. I may have to give it up soon, which will be so sad.

Megan Rublaitus said...

Thanks ladies! It's interesting. I'm still learning how to do everything. I'm going to love the new income though! :)