Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'M ALIVE!!!!!!

I know it's been forever since my last post, but SO much has been going on to keep me busy.

Let's see....October 5th? Hmm....basically since then David and I have gone to Chicago to visit his sister, Sarah [with a slight detour to Ottawa to see my grandparents]. We both had the BEST time. Her condo is lovely and very spacious. She was ever-so sweet, too. We DID end up making it back to Memphis [UGH! Vacations are always too short] after an agonizing 9 hours on our butts.

Also, I got to hang out with Katie [M.] before that and celebrate her birthday a day early. I was going to get her a 6-pack, but opted not to. She makes the best chicken marinara. Mmmm....

Justin [my brother] had his second show that the family and the "extended" family attended. By that, I mean, David and Tiffany. ;)
They did really well. Since that show, they've gone on to have many others. Now their up to a show every other weekend. WOO HOO!!! CHeck them out: Roses Unread [they have a myspace page].

David and I celebrated 8 months together [coming up soon on 9 months] and celebrated by gettin ghim a wooden bookshelf. He got it early, but now he has a place to display all the cards I make him, which makes us both happy. :):)

My best friend Megan turned 22 on Halloween, though I didn't get to see her. David had invited me to a Halloween party [see myspace page for costumes] and so we went and ended up leaving early.

Justin's birthday was on the 1st of this month. He's now 24. Oh joy! He'll always be 7 to me.....

I VOTED for the VERY FIRST time on the 4th [the actual Election Day]. My mom went with me! :)
Starbucks ensued. Followed by Arby's after school. There were all sorts of places giving discounts and promos for free stuff, JUST FOR VOTING!!!! How exciting.

David and I went on a walking date JUST the other day [yesterday, actually], and ended up walking 4 hours before I had to go in to work. I LOVED it!!!! Too bad the camera died and I didn't get many pics. :(

Tomorrow I have to register for classes for next semester, and I'm so sad, because David's going to Memphis. :'(
I'm hoping we can make our schedules work so that we can see each other at least meet up for lunch. =/

School's been keeping me SOOO preoccupied. It's great, but also frustrating with all the assignments and due dates. I'm trying to keep up. Thankfully, I'm doing well. I'm estimating graduating next fall [with my Associates in Graphic Arts Production, i.e. 2D]. I'm so nervous about being without David. It's weird. Especially since when we started dating he wasn't at Southwest.

We'll see how it works....


P.S. Michelle, I miss you. I hope things are going alright.....and what's with the Etsy?!?!?! Where'd you go??

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