Sunday, October 21, 2007


It's been awhile! I wrecked my car about a month ago and ended up totalling it out. The insurance money that we got from it ended up paying both MY car and my dad's car off. I've been driving his car around, and let me just say.....NOT fun! I'm not used to "tha tank", as I call it.......nor $40 every week to fill it!

It sucks. I really want to get a new car, but I DON'T see that happening anytime soon.

Hmm....other than that, I went to Zoo Boo last night and got a few pieces of candy. At least seeing Brad made it all worthwhile. I get to see him next Saturday too, at the Q BOO [Fall Out Boy concert at the Mud Island Amp.]. I'm pumped!!!!

Megan's [my BFF] birthday is on Halloween, so I have to get to making her stuff.

About to be late to work, so I'll update more later...


So I forgot. I recieved the sweetest compliment from a customer yesterday. She needed help with her album and Ellen and I ended up showing her the snaps [alternative to the post-extenders]. Anyways, she ended up thanking me a bunch and attempted to pay me. I HATE that. I always feel weird when people do that. I mean, I'm just doing my job. In fact, fixing albums is very theraputic., though, pretty much sucked.
The end.

I miss Brad. I think I post about this all the time. I'm sure people just want me to shut up about it.
......I need a *new* car. Something cute. I HAD my dream car and I really want to get another one, but I think my parents won't go for it. This sucks....
I miss Snow White! :'(

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